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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    All You Fine, Sexy, Hot BlogNosh Readers (And Everyone Else, Too)

    A big, fat, ecstatic "HEY, WHAT is UP!!!" to all of you who've found me after seeing my posting published on the Pregnancy/Adoption/Childbirth Channel of Blognosh Magazine!!! Thanks for reading my stuff! (And of course, a big wet kissy lovey nuggle to all my faithful readers - you know who you are...)

    I may have rather limited internet time here for the next week or so, but if you're longing to read more of me, check my archives, baby. I am not too shabby a writer some days, and there's some good stuff to be read, if I say so myself. (There is also some crap, I'm sure - try to ignore that, or step around it. Pretend you're walking in my back yard and Greg hasn't swept the area for dog bombs yet. Yeah, like that.)

    But where to start, you ask? 183 posts is a lot - I can't read all of those? Are you nuts, lady? A little hint, please? What are the finest, brightest, funniest, most gut-wrenching posts here at FMFO? Let me help. I'm like your own personal guide through the land of Cathy's Brain. For you: some of my favorites, if I may, to read whilst I am off being responsible and busier than I care to be...

    Jerks Who Jack Around in Family Bathrooms

    On Turning 35

    Fast Food Follies

    Sweet Baby William - Part 1 and Part 2

    South Beach Deep Stuff

    Pre-SB Epiphany Exercise Bitching

    My Night At Westroads Post-Shooting

    Neck Nipples

    Thanksgiving Ruminations

    M*A*S*H-tastic Question

    Holiday in Review: Halloween Candy Thoughts

    To My Husband

    Jackson's a Big Boy (What'll I do when they leave me?) (Note: Deb called this one "perfect", if I may brag a titch...I'm just sayin'...)

    Tribute to my Mom...and her Finger...

    So lest you go away without having read more, I wanted to give you some direct links to some of my favorite past blogs. Check them out, and if you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe so that you'll know when NEW posts pop out of my brain and onto this page. OH, and BIG KEY here: pass me on! If you like something you read, use the handy-dandy "Email this Post to a Friend" button at the bottom of each post. It's an envelope with an arrow on it. One click, send it on. Voila! I'd appreciate it MUCHLY!

    Oooohhhh, and one more thing that I'm adding after-the-fact. This whole "internet sabbatical" business? I really need to do it. I need to start today. But the thought of ACTUALLY doing it - of shutting off my computer and hiding the mouse from myself for a week or two - makes my head feel funny and my chest get tight. Immediately thoughts of the absolutely NECESSARY things that I NEED to do on the internet start popping into my head (and thoughts of how I'll take the mouse off of Greg's computer and then sneak it back before anyone's the wiser). So don't bank on me being "gone" so much as "limiting myself to blogging because writing for you people keeps me sane". But I promise myself to only blog after my daily list is done, and after I've done the things I need to accomplish for the upcoming stuff that's...uh....coming up.

    Or whatever. It'll be some shit where I get stuff done more than I sit on my computer-chair-shaped ass. Look for more coming soon. You know I can't stay away for long.

    1 comment:

    Deb said...

    I'm so bummed that I was out of town and missed your Blog Nosh debut, but I'm proud to have been part of it, and thrilled to see so many of my favorite archive links above.

    Congratulations again, girlie!! I love ya!