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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Girl Scout Cookies

    They're here.

    That is all. Let munching commence. And delivery, of course. Delivery of yours, munching of ours. Not necessarily in that order.

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    Things I Can't Quite Get My Head Around

    1) Fancy Feast Appetizers. For CATS. Appetizers...for cats, people.

    2) The "Space Station". What the frack are they DOING up there??

    3) Why Facebook keeps jacking with their layout. It's like they LIVE to irritate the shit out of me every six weeks.

    4) That it's been almost 20 years since I met my husband. TWENTY. YEARS. I wasn't even twenty years OLD when I met him.

    5) How I spent 30 years of my life with two ovaries and never got pregnant, but once I was down to one ovary, I tried twice to get pregnant. Twice. As in, two months, two kids. (Not complaining here - marveling at my luck...or vigilant birth control...not sure which it is.)

    6) Alzheimer's. Scariest, most confusing, upsetting disease E.V.E.R. Is Granny 'in there' someplace? Does she know and see what has happened to her in the last five years? Did she know she was slipping away as she was slipping away?

    7) The Olympics. Again...what are they DOING? What do they solve? What is the POINT? And other than temporary economy in one locale and potential endorsement careers for a few athletes, what do they create? How they do they enhance the world? Fine, it's "just entertainment", but still. And how many kids could be fed with just what they spend in marketing and advertising for an event that everyone already knows about?

    8) Nachos at the movies. I'm pretty sure it should be illegal to charge $6.25 for corn chips and cheese. I mean, it's good cheese and all, but damn.

    9) American cities existing in 2010 with no curbside recycling program in place. Mind-boggling. Catch the frak up, people.

    And the tenth, and most important thing I cannot often wrap my head around...

    10) How much I adore my sweet little family, how strong the bond between the four of us is, and how I got so lucky to be blessed with the three of them in my life.

    VD Update

    Happy VD! Ha ha, as though VD would make anyone happy. Such a fun pun for the holiday of love.

    I haven't written for shit lately. I know. Not sure why.

    I know one thing - I got rid of that stupid Cachtcha (sp?) thing, and almost immediately starting getting big stupid spam comments left on some old posts. That took care of that shit, I'm not dealing with that. Sorry to those who hate the stupid letters (which I hate too, I know your pain).

    Oh, and my dog has Dogzheimer's. Just an FYI. He often freezes where he is and refuses to move for long periods of time, seemingly forgetting how to walk. His nails are freshly cut, so it's not that whole "hates to walk on hard floors with long nails" thing. It was just through the hallway at first, he'd stay in the bedrooms and stand at the doorways whimpering. But now this morning he sat on my tiny kitchen rug and refused to move off of it despite bribes for the longest time. Finally a chicken-chip temptation won him over. Poor ole boy.

    Celebrating VD with the fam, heart-shaped pancakes and sausages, off to do a little shopping in this ROTTEN weather, and then home for some snuggling with the hubby later, with any luck.

    Hope your loved onesa are extra sweet to you today.

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Belated Updated

    It's been too long since I've posted, yes?

    Sorry about that.

    Uh, update here...snow. More fracking snow. This morning I spent an hour stranded on a residential street after I dropped Samantha off. Greg came and dug me out, bless his heart, and we promptly stopped and picked our girl back UP again, and brought her home, lest we be forced to suffer the same nightmare at 4:00 and force me to strangle someone in the street. It's a snow day here, no matter WHAT our school district thinks. I won't second-guess my instincts about THAT again.

    In a related matter, we may be trading in the van for an SUV soon.

    What else? Uh, back on the beach, doing fine, down about 12 since January. Nice. Only 1409 more to go. Ha ha. OK, not quite that much.

    It's still snowing, did I mention that? Yeah, yeah, I suppose I did. Freakin' groundhog.

    Been reading again lately, mostly King, but I picked up some books at the Dollar Tree and at Garden Ridge that look promising. Details to come if they're worth sharing. Or not. I'm pretty fickle about my blogs that are promised to come.

    That is all. All is white and cold and fine as a fiddle. Aren't you glad I posted? Yeah, me too.