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    Saturday, July 5, 2008

    Imagine My Surprise

    So what was certainly food poisoning is now in day FIVE, giving me a rather unpleasant evening last night (despite the WONDERFUL time we had with friends down at Casa D, complete with swimming, good food, good friends, sparklers, and big Missou' boomers courtesy of the C Family - thanks to ALL of you!), which left my entire abdominal area sore to the touch, and my other area sorer than I will even relay to you. Just take my word for it. I really thought I was improving yesterday morning, but by last night it was CLEAR I was in for another long night. And I was.

    Now a new day has begun, Day Five, as I said, and I dread eating anything, drinking anything, and god forbid expelling anything, by any means.

    I am starting to think this "food poisoning" is more like a virus. Which makes me SICK (er) when I consider how many people may have been exposed yesterday! Fingers crossed that I keep it to myself!

    Hope your fourth was explosive in the good way...not in the way that mine was...

    Wait, no. We did have good explosions, big boomers that lit up the sky, shook our chairs and gave all the lightning bugs heart attacks...but, you know, MY know...

    Great. Greg just came in and said his stomach hurts and he's been in the bathroom twice since he got up. Fan-damn-tastic. If the kids get it I'm running away. I can't take five days of this in diapers.


    Deb said...

    Oh, NO. I hope no one else gets it and you feel better soon.

    Sugar-free Gatorade, right?

    Jill said...

    Oh honey! I guess that's what I had too a few weeks ago since it lasted 3 days. I hope you're feeling better!