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    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Happy Birthday Baby

    Greg, you turn 35 today. I already went ahead and scoped out "35" for you, it's not so bad - you'll handle it much like "34", I suspect. And you don't look it, anyway, you fine piece of man, you.

    Thank you to your father and especially your mother, without whom I would not celebrate this day as one of my Top Five Days of the Year each year.

    We will celebrate today, Friday, with a trip to the Omaha Zoo's Safari (the very prospect of said event thrills your daughter to no end, as you know), and dinner at your favorite rib joint (which I know thrills YOU to no end). My favorite part of the day is that you're not working, so it's one extra day this week for the kids and I to have you to ourselves.

    You, my darling, make every day of my life better because you are in it. Even when it doesn't seem like it, even when we're both tired and grumpy, even when you go to bed without remembering to kiss me goodnight, even when I stay up too late instead of coming to bed with you...I am blessed by you. The kids are blessed by you. Our families are blessed by you. Our dear friends everywhere are blessed by you. And your birthday seems like the perfect time to remind you of that. So know that you are a blessing, know that you're loved, and know how very grateful I am that every July 25th is a day I'll always get to spend celebrating YOU.

    Happy Birthday, Greg. Ten years ago today you were having a less-than-stellar 25th birthday, but the beginning of our "forever" was right around the corner. I wonder what the next ten years holds, and I can't wait for us to find out together. Just hold onto my hand, walk beside me, and I'll follow you anywhere, my love.


    Jill said...

    Happy birthday Greg! One day late, but oh well! I hope it was great!

    Kae said...

    Cathy, I love reading your tributes to Greg. Your love just oozes! You're lucky to have each other!

    Happy Birthday Greg!!