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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Some People

    Some people do not know when to shut up. Some people have nothing better to do than argue about stupid shit that two people will never, ever, EVER, EVER, E.V.E.R. agree on. Ever. Some people like drama, and more drama, and seek it out and perpetuate it, and foist it on other people, until other people have a stomach ache, and a headache, and are snapping at their kids and then apologizing for it. Some people keep looking for more things for other people to add to the list of "Things We Are NOT Going To Talk About".

    Some people are becoming more trouble than they are worth. Some people are trying to get themselves call-blocked. Some people should know the warning signs very well, since A) there are approximately 4753 people in the world who already have some people call-blocked, and B) they were call blocked from other people's phone for NINE YEARS the last time some people couldn't have a normal grown-up relationship with other people.

    Seriously. Shut the fuck up. Stop leaving stupid messages on my machine about people I don't care to hear anything about, about issues you know I don't agree with you on, and for fuck's sake, stop making it impossible for me to continue a relationship with you. I am finding myself turning my ringer off and missing other important calls because the thought of hearing your voice makes my stomach turn. I don't like missing other calls. It pisses me off. Much like you do. So knock it off, or we'll see how another nine years of no contact suits your argumentative, delusional ass.

    I mean it.


    herself75 said...

    ((HUGS)) do you have caller ID? worth every fraking penny!

    I hope "some people" learn to play nice in the sandbox... otherwise, boot them out of the box!

    Cathy said...

    I do have caller ID, which I am not even needing right now because I have all my ringers and my answering machine shut off - so I don't even know when he calls. But it pisses me off to have to screen my calls in my own freaking house. It's not practical or desirable to have to live with no ringer on my phone forever - there are people who call my house that I WANT to talk to!

    You are SO right - he's dangerously close to being OUT of the box.

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    You want me to call him? I'll call him for you.