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    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    The Perpetual Gut Ache

    So we're now in day six of "Cathy Feels Like Ass". The diarrhea as far as I can tell is gone for good, but the aching in my right side persists. Oh, and I did double-check my suspicions on webmd and found that diarrhea IS often a symptom of appendicitis. I know, lucky me, right? I am NOT hoping for appendicitis (although a couple of days off laying in bed with only a scopic recovery area sounds not too bad) but I am hoping the shit either goes away or someone comes up with some miracle because I am TIRED of this already.

    The thought of going to another medical facility and discussing my poop and my body with someone who may be another nincompoop is less-than-appealing to me. I'm inclined to spend the day trying to ignore it and tell myself that hey, if it's my appendix, it's gotta burst sometime, right?

    OK, I know, that's not funny. But I did what I was supposed to, I went in and got checked and he said I'm gonna be fine - and surely Dr Carrot Maker knows, right?

    Right now I have to get laundry done and bags packed to take my kids to my friend P's house for swimming and fun tomorrow - unless it storms all day and night, in which case my kid will be furious. Or unless I fall over and then let's hope Greg is not so sick of my whiny ass that he lets me lay there and convulse because at least it means I'm finally quiet.

    Nice fucking holiday weekend.

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    Deb said...

    So basically the symptoms for appendicitis mimic every other/all possible stomach ailments? Because that's really what I'm taking away from what I know about it and what you're saying. Go get yourself a blood test, m'dear. Nothing like counting those white blood cells to rule it out completely.