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    Monday, November 5, 2007

    Holiday-In-Review: Halloween Candy 2007

    Hand decorated ghost cookies...4 different kinds of FULL-sized candy bars, several of each...11 Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups...10 Mini Hershey Bars...6 Mini Kit Kats...4 regular M&Ms...4 peanutM&Ms...Smarties...Tootsie Rolls...suckers galore...bubble gum...and that's just a sampling! The list goes on and on! These kids raked it in! It's nuts, I'm tellin' ya! Check out what's left - FIVE days after Halloween!

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    Needless to say, much of this will end up in the garbage, after a few days of letting the kids pick some sweet morsels each day (and Mom and Dad are partaking today before going back to the Beach tomorrow).

    NOW...most who participate in opening their doors to kids on this last day of October each year are generous, sweet folks who truly enjoy getting great treats to give to kids. But there are, as always, a few people whose choices are mind-boggling...

    Maybe some people genuinely have unique taste. Maybe some people can only afford the cheap candy. Maybe some people have an inordinately busy life and forgot what day it was, so they were forced to improvise. But folks, I speak the truth when I tell you that there are some major candy faux pauxs going on in my hometown, and I suspect it's more than just here - I'm betting it's nationwide. I shall elaborate for you.


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    The strawberry candy. Forgive me, but...what the hell is this piece of crap? It's like a strawberry-ish flavored cough drop. Hard as a rock, no fun shape, no Halloween theme, no anything that makes it remotely appealing unless you have a sore throat and no teeth to break off. Clearly someone either had this leftover, or just doesn't like kids.


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    The LEMON Tootsie Roll. Huh what? Not to be confused with the Brach's Toffee Rolls, sold at Christmas time, which are yummy. This is a Tootsie Roll, which is supposed to be, and I think you'll agree with me here, CHOCOLATE. Lemon? Lemon, really? And apparently Tootsie has done an entire line of these fruit-flavored variations on the original. I do NOT, however, encourage supporting their decisions. In short, Tootsie Roll Industries needs to quit jackin' with the Tootsie Roll. SO many other better Halloween candies out there.


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    Graveyard Gummy Candy. This item definitely has the theme going on, and props for that. But shouldn't gummy candy be at least kind of appealing looking, at least in color? I appreciate the effort to create an authentic bone-colored candy, and damn if they didn't do just that, but it makes it less-than-appealing to think about eating it, even for most kids. But I will say that the purchaser of this was definitely looking with eyes aimed at creating a holiday-related candy experience, so good for them. Just pick something that anyone would actually want to EAT next time. Otherwise maybe go with the skeleton erasers, which look as cool, but no one has to try to work up the courage to eat them.


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    The Not-Even-Halloween-Candy-Candy. Shame, shame, shame. This Truffle is Green and Red, showing no signs of being anything other than last year's Christmas candy. The wrapper was even worn on the corners, like one that's been sitting in an old stocking somewhere. This is both nasty and rude, and I'd rather you just shut off your porch light than to try and pass off 10 month old candy to me...uh...I mean, my kids.

    Overall, the booty received last Wednesday was more than adequate, with peanut-butter-chocolate-nougat-caramel-fudgy-sugary goodness aplenty. And no, those who offered less-than-appealing treats did not commit a mortal sin or stick needles in Snickers bars, so I am over it now. But if, by some chance, you are one of the offenders, please, PLEASE...get some better candy, or spend the night out next year!

    I was going to break down more than the candy aspect of Halloween, but when you have two kids and a sweet tooth, what else to Halloween is there? Happy snacking!


    Deb said...

    Those strawberry things are like something you'd lift of a bank receptionist's desk while you're waiting to be let into your safe deposit box. It's so uncool to foist those on kids.

    Mrs. B said...

    Don't throw your candy out! Do a Google search for any organizations in your area that are sending Halloween candy to the troops. There are a bunch of places around here doing it. There was even a dentist that was paying $1 per pound of candy to send to his son in Iraq. Just a thought!!

    Anonymous said...

    I happen to like those strawberry candies! LOL I agree with Mrs. B...there is a women in my neighborhood that collects the left over candy every year to take to needy children in Mexico.


    Kae said...

    Oh c'mon, what is your beef. The Graveyard Gummy Candy CLEARLY says "yummy" right there on the front of the package for all to see. So, it must be. I'm sure the gummy candy making company wouldn't lie to sweet innocent little mommy's and daddy' kids everywhere.

    So throw caution to the wind and rip into that package and partake in a delicious morsel of that nasty flesh colored treat. And if you survive the experience, let us know how it was.