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    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Back From Grown-Up Fun Land

    Our evening out, while not quite as balls-to-the-wall-all-night-fucked-up-so-we-can't-stand-up-closing-down-the-bar-hot as we thought we might be, was a fun-enough-for-two-people-approaching-middle-age-who-are-total-lightweights-time. That means we had fun but could still open our eyes, talk and dress ourselves in the morning. A nice compromise between the riot we planned and the nursing home-like atmosphere we're used to at home, actually.

    Dinner at Stoke's, with GREAT service, GREAT food, and some perfect Amaretto and Cokes (uh, YUMMO! - my new favorite drink!). We then ventured out around the Old Market, stopping for drinks as the mood struck us, watching the diverse crowds around us and enjoying some street performances (if a guy in suspenders moving two balls around in his hands qualifies as a "performance", then we saw musicians, and that guy). We imbibed at Upstream, stopped at Homer's Music, which made me miss my days at Bogey's, to look for an out-of-print CD for Greg - no such luck - and then moved on. We walked by a couple of techno clubs, but Greg just was not feeling the techno vibe, so we moved on down, stopped at one other pub, and then headed back to the hotel. We talked, and sang, and just walked some of the time. We stopped at the hotel bar on the way to our room, had a couple more drinks (Kent took great care of us, and invited us back any night he's there, so he can perfect one of our fave drinks), and then headed back to our luxury two-room suite.

    What happened then is nunyabidness. But we both fell asleep with smiles on our faces.

    And the mattress in our room? Fabulous. What kind was it again? I can't rem....oh, wait, lemme think - it was that one kind, you know... OH, yeah! It was the kind that no children crawled onto and woke me up from. THAT's what kind it was. Sweet, sweet stuff. Possibly our favorite part of the whole night, which is fine since it was certainly the most expensive part.

    But morning brought my maternal instinct back with a vengeance, and we couldn't get home to our babies fast enough. We brought them Olympic panda bears, who they were more excited to see than their parents. And Cheesy Tots from Burger King, because we had to drive thru and get ourselves food on the way home anyway, since we slept right through our "complimentary made-to-order breakfast".

    The time we spent together Friday night was sweet, and good, and reminiscent of "back in the day", when we only had each other to focus on. It helped me see some things about our relationship now, to see some ways we can be kinder to each other even though we "don't have time" to now; and it gave us a chance to miss our kids a little bit. We giggled as we pulled in the driveway Saturday morning, anxious to get to them and snuggle them up. To hear Samantha shriek "MOMMY!" and Jackson bellow his "UH DADDY!!!!" was a big, huge rush to the heart.

    Strangely enough, the Saturday Morning Reunion Giggling was similar to the Friday Night Running Away Giggling we did when we left the night before, anxious to go away to play as they got to stay and play with Grandma (and they had a blast, too, by the way, the three of them!). So I guess we may have been as excited about one part as the other. And that's as it should be, no?

    A nice weekend, overall, and Mom and I even made some headway on the cookbook. Might get that done sometime this decade. But I'm not holding my breath. That's another blog.

    Night, all. Hope your week brings good things.

    Oh, one note on me. I'm going thru a week of P1 (at least) to detox starting tomorrow - I've been putting perfume in the gas tank as of late, so it's time to regroup and refocus. I have a SB online buddy who's going back to P1 with me, so she and I will be back on the straight and narrow. Frankly I'm sick of feeling like ASS, which is what happens when I make stupid food choices. Even too many "allowable good choices" can be a recipe the aforementioned ass-like feeling, so a date with P1 is just a good idea. That means I'll be eating my favorite veggie-type foods and good proteins with some yummy good fats, all week long, and loving it all. And lots of water. Detox never sounded so good, did it? Gotta love The Beach.

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