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    Sunday, July 6, 2008


    Yes, the shooting here in Omaha, in broad daylight, on a busy street, in traffic, an hour ago, was 25 blocks from our house.

    Yes, we are fine.

    No, we were not any where close to the action. (Unless you count living within walking distance as being "close to the action".)

    No, they have not caught the "not-yet-identified-as-gang-members" who shot the young men from inside a moving SUV.

    No, I have not seen a gray SUV with hooligans in it.

    Yes, we hate having crime so close to our house.

    Yes, we'd love to move to a neighborhood that is adjacent to a safer neighborhood.

    No, we can't afford to move right now.

    Yes, we plan to do all we can to move as soon as we can. Please advise if you know of anyone looking to move to the pre-ghetto, we've got a house for them.

    No, we are not afraid in our own home. These "alleged" gang members are not out looking for us. That we know of.

    Yes, I have an opinion about them shooting each other: they're not doing it fast enough*.

    *My husband will feel better if I include this disclaimer: I do not want them to shoot each other because I want them shot; "they're not doing it fast enough" is a remark rooted in being uncomfortable with such violence happening so close to our homes over and over. But apparently THEY want each other shot...because they keep shooting each other. As Dad used to say "Proof's in the puddin'..." (And by "they" I mean ANYONE who shoots another person for any reason other than absolute life-saving self-defense). So if they're going to shoot each other anyway, and they are having a hoot doing it, bein' all badass, mightn't they all get together and have a big shootout at the North O!-Corral? Mightn't they? I mean, really, mightn't they? Just go to it folks - have at it! Get it done and get on with it! Because frankly, the rest of us are sick of worrying about it.

    And yes, my flagrant use of "mightn't" is a direct result of watching "The Music Man" twice in one week. I'll have 76 Trombones in my head for a week, along with Shirley Jones asking "Mightn't they? I mean really, mightn't they?" So now, I share it with you. You're welcome.


    McBung said...

    You could move to Waterloo, then all you would have to worry about is losing all your worldly possessions in a flood! LOL Glad to hear you're ok. Unfortunately, no place is safe no matter what socio-economic neighborhood you happen to live in. Of course, it's less likely, but whatcha gonna do. If we ever decide to move to Omaha I'll buy your house because I know that Greg's construction is far better than what we have now!

    Deb said...

    I'm sure I'm not supposed to be laughing at this. I'm positive I'm supposed to be concerned for your safety and all that, and somewhere in my cold, dark, sarcastic heart I swear I am. But "mightn't" and "pre-ghetto" are cracking me up and killing the sympathetic neurons at the moment.