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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    Neck Nipple?

    I have a mole on the back of my neck. It's one that, frankly, I am glad is mostly out of sight, as it is rather pronounced. Samantha was standing behind me just now, "doing my hair", and she suddenly stopped and touched my neck rather apprehensively.

    "Hey, Mom - why do you have a nipple on your neck?"

    I'm calling a dermatologist today. Why the hell wouldn't anyone else ever tell me it looked like a nipple? Thanks a lot, people.


    Anonymous said...

    From the mouths of babes...they tell the truth you know.


    Mrs. B said...

    LMFAO. I guess I never stared at the back of your neck!! Otherwise you know my big mouth would have said something! I had one removed last year. It was the quickest, most painless thing in the world!

    Feener said...

    kids are just so honest. just as long as no one starts thinking it is for nursing !!!

    Deb said...

    Uhhh... I just had a mole removed from near my armpit. It appeared when I was pregnant, and it sometimes "oozed" when I was nursing. Care to guess what the biopsy results were? Yes. Third nipple. My kid made me grow another nipple!!

    Kae said...

    LMAO!! At least no one has latched on yet. Hee Hee!