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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    One handed Typing SUCKS (and another fab round of yes and no)

    oh, dear i wish i had that "you talk it types" thing...

    fell Friday lifting Samantha over our gate, fell down 4 steps to concrete. 4 hrs in ER = broke my arm at elbow, sprained my foot. foot is wrapped, arm is slinged for now.

    yes, samantha is ok.

    no, i am not. but i will be. i hope.

    yes it hurts.

    yes, i really broke it - google "radial head frature".

    no i am not enjoying the drugs they gave me. (percoset = nausea)

    no you cannot have the drugs they gave me.

    yes they did x-rays. twice.

    yes i am sleeping ok.

    no it wasn't the arm i write with. not that i write much without a keyboard anyway.

    anyway, enough of that...weekend was OK, made it thru w/ ibuprofen & darvocet (leftover from jtc's birth) at night. slept ok overall. jackson's party a rousing success, sooooo fun!!!

    mom coming back tomorrow to help thru thurs, greg is home today.

    appt today later w/ orthopaedic surgeon, hoping for good news; aaflac rep just came over to handle our paperwork for our claim...getting that check just might make me feel better...ha ha...more soon...

    thx for good thoughts and prayers...


    herself75 said...

    sending some healing prayers your way!

    Perc's make me puke too.. NOT. FUN. especially when you are already in pain!

    Jill said...

    Goodness gracious! I go away for the weekend and look what happens to you! I sure hope you feel btter and heal quickly!

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    It's really disappointing to get older and have all prescription drugs turn on you in evil ways. I can't even take Vicodin these days. Not that you would know anything about that, you young thang.

    Glad you're a lefty. Bummed I don't live up the street to help with your laundry.