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    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    To Some Unknown Neighbors

    It's after the 4th of July, fucktards. Knock it off with the fucking fireworks. They were illegal BEFORE the 4th, and they're sure as hell illegal now. So knock it off. You're a complete loser, out there shooting off fireworks a week late, thinking how funny it must be.

    So you know, it's so very, very not funny, asshats. Wake my kids up with your bullshit, and I'm going to come over there and see if I can fire a bottle rocket out of your ass. Or maybe an M-80 IN your ass. And I'm using my husband's acetylene torch to light it.

    So knock it off. Get a life. Or eat a dick, whatever. Just get over the fireworks, you're goddamn killin' me.


    Crazy Momma said...

    I say innocently call the cops and say you hear rapid loud noises outside your house and you can't see what is going on. Go on and on about how you are scared for your life and your children's life.

    Watch as SWAT makes the fuckers surrender their sure to catch it on video and post it on You Tube..

    Deb said...

    LOL... and if there's a girl over there, watch out. Because Cathy will come over and kick you in the box!