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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    We're 35, Not 80...It's Time We Acted Like It!

    Tomorrow night Greg and I will be venturing out on our own, sans children. Mom is coming up, bless her heart, and giving us some much-needed time alone, out on the town - the kids are excited, we are excited, and I hope Grandma is excited. She's coming, anyway! So, we get to go out and order our own food, not have to cut anyone else's meat, and get to actually talk during dinner, and not about 'why raindrops fall on everything outside' and how 'sisters CAN marry their brothers, no matter what moms and dads think about it'. Maybe even enjoy a fruity drink that doesn't have the words "berry blast" or "frooty fun" in its name! Dance to something other than "We're Goin' To Mars" or the theme song to Curious George - the possibilities are mind-boggling! I hope we remember how to walk down a street holding hands, without a stroller to push or a monkey to swing between us!

    I adore my kids, and I love nearly every minute I spend with them. I seldom have moments where I truly, genuinely want to get away from them for any length of time, and time spent away from them is generally filled with thoughts OF them. They are my heart, my breath, my spirit and my compete joy. I know we will miss them while we are out.

    And I am REALLY looking forward to missing them.

    Hope your weekend is great, too!

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