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    Sunday, October 21, 2007


    My friend Catie offered to take my scale away from me to keep me from weighing in every day, and I make take you up on it, girl. This scale can't weigh accurately to save its life, and so its life is most likely OVER. Stupid thing. 176...178...179....178....177...all within 30 seconds? Nice. The intention of weighing more than once is obviously to check that the scale IS accurate (with such a great first weigh-in, obviously), but then the more different readings one gets, the more intrigued one becomes.

    So stay tuned to find out what I "really" weigh...this scale really has me guessing now. Hell, who knows...maybe I'm not even fat!

    OK, yeah, prolly not. But I'm still getting a new scale.


    Anonymous said...

    Good idea! Let Catie have it, and she can toss it for you! ;) Sounds like your scale and my mom's scale are related.


    herself75 said...

    Hand it over! I'll bury it on my next construction project... or maybe I'll pitch it in to LI sound on my next fishing trip... or I'll tell the boys to put it away- which will guarantee it'll never be seen again!