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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Back on the Beach

    Did I tell you fine folks that South Beach is my diet of choice and that I started again with Fabulous Phase One on October 1st? Well, it is and I did. It is by FAR the healthiest lifestyle we have ever embraced in this house, and a great way to eat/live.

    Eleven days = 8 pounds. And that's with a water-retaining steroid shot thrown in there! Life is good on the beach. Spare me the "it's water weight" stuff, though, because as long as the scale displays lower numbers every time I get on it, it can be organ weight for all I care. Less organs mean my jeans fit better, right? Water weight, organ weight, fat weight, whatever - smaller is smaller.

    So I'm feeling good, losing weight, and staying on track. For now. The sugar addiction seems to be at bay for now, and the Strawberry Frosted Pop-Tarts in the pantry have even stopped calling to me. Same with the Nestle Quik and the cake mix, from whence cometh cake-mix-cookies (there are about 8 pounds on my hips just from those). They all are quiet now, and only good wholesome foods are allowed in my mouth. I was biting M&M's in half for Jackson tonight and trying desperately to keep all chocolate crumbs out of my mouth. Is that crazy or WHAT?

    Anywho, so stay tuned to see just how fast I can lose all this weight. My Granny is turning 80 in December and we're having a big open house party for her. I'd like to need some new clothes for that. We'll see if I do, won't we? You'll have to stick around to find out!

    Fatty Patty is on the way out, and Skinny Minny is moving back home, baby...


    Anonymous said...

    Hehehe...I was biting jellybeans in half for Andrew this morning.


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