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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Fish Stick Sandwiches...With KETCHUP???

    So I got my hair cut tonight. My stylist, who I love, and I always have good conversations, mostly about our kids, who are similar in age. She was discussing her child's recent growth spurt, and as an example was detailing how much the child had eaten in one sitting. She explained that one of her favorite things to do with fish sticks is make them into a sandwich. (The child had eaten THREE in one sitting, BTW...growth spurt for sure!)

    Sounds logical, stack them on some bread, maybe toasted, with mayo or tartar sauce, right? I thought I heard her wrong when she said "You know, you take fish sticks, put them on some bread, with some ketchup, and make a sandwich of them!"

    That can't be right, can it? I've given up breading here on South Beach, but is there someone willing to test out this fish stick theory for me and see if fish sticks and ketchup go together? Because I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I thought about it. But I've been wrong before. Hell, I eat tuna and sourkraut pizza like it's going out of style, whaddo I know?

    I would be SO grateful if, if the next time you partake of fish sticks, you would dip some in ketchup, or better yet, make yourself a fish stick sandwich, and get back to me on that? Thanks.


    Jazz said...

    I always put ketchup on my fish sticks! I wouldn't eat em any other way. But I am English so I do weird things with food!

    herself75 said...

    eeewww I'm gonna hurl!

    Anonymous said...

    Fish sticks, like from the freezer, are best w/ketchup! If they are a little more real, like from somewhere good, then tartar or even ketchup/tartar mix is good.



    Matthew Cave said...

    Are you kidding??!!? That's the only way to eat fresh from the freezer fishsticks!!! With ketchup I mean, not on bread. However, they do make fish "patties" which is pretty much a square fish stick, and that I have eaten on a bun with ketchup. Certainly not my first choice any day of the week, but yes, ketchup and fish sticks go together!