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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Late Night Ramblings

    This pinched nerve is a real buggar. I spent an hour in a hot bath tonight, which did make it possible for me to stand up straight, so that was a nice bonus, but the nerve is still pinched and thus still hurts.

    It has rendered my house helpless and at the mercy of the kids, the man and the dogs. Dog hair ad infinitum, dirty dishes and toys are quickly finding new places to hang out as I am resting my back. I walk thru the house between one room and the next and silently point out all the crap that's out of place, but I choose not to torture myself by bending over to pick it all up. Even the dishwasher requires more bending then I'm up for tonight, so the dirty dishes are sitting in a nice dirty pile waiting for me. Somehow I doubt the housework fairy is going to do them for me. That bitch never does a damn thing around here.

    With any luck this nerve will get out of the spot it's in by morning and I'll be able to get the house back in order before it gets too far gone. The ILs are coming to town this weekend, so I need to have it clean by then anyway. Oy, that's tomorrow, isn't it? Crappity smack.

    We're supposed to be going to the local "pumpkin patch" with the ILs this weekend. I know they want to go b/c they want Samantha to have fun, I know they have the best of intentions. But I sure hope they are planning to pay the ELEVEN DOLLARS A PERSON it will cost us to get in, and that doesn't even get you a goddamned PUMPKIN! You still have to BUY pumpkins on top of that! I have pumpkins growing in my back yard for FREE! Oh, and they have food, and rides, and games, and cha-ching ~ cha-ching ~ cha-ching! I need a loan just to go out there! All so I can stand on a muddy wet farm (it's been raining for DAYS), watch my kid pick out a muddy pumpkin that we then have to drag back to the van, after we PAY an arm and leg for it, and bring it home...where we ALREADY HAVE PUMPKINS. My eyes don't roll back far enough in my head to show how I feel about the whole stupid ordeal. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

    And for those following my weight-loss saga, if the scale does NOT give me what I want to see in the morning, I am going to give it a frontal lobotomy with my tenderizer hammer, or whatever blunt instrument I can find close by. This shit is ridiculous. Seriously.

    Do I use "seriously" too much? I think I do. Seriously. Gosh, what word could I replace it with, though? Totally? Majorly? Really really? Nope. Seriously is the best one. Seriously.

    Oh, and I have another great BLOG you need to check out - my girl Catie at She's one of the coolest smart chicks I know (seriously, she's an engineer!), and she makes super-cool cloth diapers and other awesome things, all with her talented two hands. And her boys are adorable! So give her a read!

    Gotta go to bed. The boy will be up soon, I'm sure of it. I seriously (seriously) doubt he'll EVER sleep through the night. So to all of you who rolled your eyes at my "perfect" first born who slept through the night at three weeks and cursed me with "You know you won't get TWO like that!", congratulations. He sleeps for shit. Always has. Happy now? Great. If I remember who all told me that, I may start calling you when he wakes up. Not so funny now, is it? (Put a curse on me, will ya...)

    Coming tomorrow . . . my thoughts on the upcoming holiday season. I may dig out my Christmas stuff! It's almost certain I'm going to put in the Muppet Christmas's ALMOST November...close enough...

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    herself75 said...

    I am taking that crappity smacking scale away! stop weighing yourself so much!

    thanks for pimpin' me!