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    Friday, October 19, 2007

    The Morning Buzz

    The scale has been spared...for now. Back to 179, so I guess I'll keep Mr. Scale around for one more day. But he'd better start giving the right answers more often or it's gonna be execution at dawn. Bank on it.

    I am eating my yummo SB friendly pancakes (Greg likes them better than regular) and fried egg with cheese, and a great cup of coffee with cream and Splenda.

    Oh, and the pinched nerve has departed. All in all, not a bad Friday morning!

    I promised thoughts on the holidays, didn't I? Someone had a Christmas survey yesterday that I filled out, and it got me thinking about the holidays. Oh, BTW, in general, we say "Christmas" around here. I'm so terribly sorry if that offends, but that's what we celebrate in our house. It's not meant to offend, it's not anything other than just what the holidays represent to us. Please feel free to insert whatever holiday you celebrate as you read.

    Mom is calling (my SB partner), so let me go gab with her and I'll write on Christmas later...stop back soon!

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