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    Friday, October 5, 2007

    Freakin' RASH, Man...

    NO, not THAT kind of rash, but I seriously itch like a mofo, and it's not improving with time.

    Started last night, the tops of my feet and my ankles were really itchy. But I wore socks and tennis shoes all day, and sometimes that irritates my feet and ankles (yes, that tells you how often I WEAR shoes all day, doesn't it?)...I ignored the fact that I had been wearing ankle-less socks and tried to ignore, ignore, ignore the itching, with no luck. Then my legs started itching, and my arms. Mostly now it's my inner thighs and my calves and the tops of my feet and hands. Last night there were pretty big hives, today the hives aren't as obvious but it's still red and itches like MAD.

    Can't take Benadryl yet b/c Greg is at work and I am here with the kids...and Benadryl makes me maybe later...wish I knew what was causing this, though...

    I'd show you pics, but the pictures I took accentuate the POOR shaving job I have been doing lately. There are a couple on the back of my calf that have been missed at least twice, maybe three times. And you'd see that I shave my upper thighs only when I am in a bathing suit in public with strangers, and we all KNOW how often THAT happens, right?

    So just trust me when I say it looks red, blotchy, and it itches like MAD. Just what I wanted for the weekend, huh?

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    Deb said...

    I'm sending virtual scratches your way, hon. xoxo