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    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Uh, Yeah...About That Plan...

    ...that diet can stick it. That's right, I told a I hope it does. I hope it sticks it where the "sun don't shine".

    Look, I'm not picky. I can eat almost anything, but a plan has gotta let me EAT. 1/2 cup of veggies at a time is just not gonna do it, sorry.

    I really thought I could make it ~ it's just four days, right? What's four days, jeez, Cathy, suck it up, right? By noon I had a headache and was light-headed, and that's AFTER I ate my "lunch". I am NOT a quitter when it comes to dieting, in general, certainly not the first day, but this was some crazy shit. I cannot STAND being hungry long-term, it drives me nuts. Makes me grumpy, tired, irritable. Be assured, dear readers, that I will NEVER have an eating disorder because I haven't the patience nor the will to starve myself. Momma's gotta EAT.

    So especially after I weighed myself on the evening of my first day on this fabulous plan, and I hadn't lost so much as an ounce, and I was still hungry after my "supper" (dry hamburger patty and 1/2 cup beans), I made an executive decision and put the Kai-bosh on the whole thing. We went to the mall tonight - I had a side salad and some lean roast beef and an iced tea, and it tasted better than anything I'd eaten in a week. Nothing like a little bland-vegetable-diet-day to make you appreciate "normal" healthy food, that's for sure.

    So I'm back on the Beach, having no idea why I left in the first place. OK, so I wanted a jump start, I wanted the quick payoff. I know, I know, it doesn't work that way. I have reminded myself of that today. So learn from me, a good eating plan that actually allows you to EAT good foods (like SB) is a way better bet than some idiot's idea of how to starve yourself for four days and call it "weight loss".


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    Gotta keep yourself HEALTHY that is #1! glad you are back on the Beach!