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    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Medical Morons

    So they've announced that they are pulling ALL of the infant decongestants that work worth a damn because, quite frankly, there are some stupid assholes in the world who either A) can't read labels, or B) don't understand that this stuff has actual MEDICINE in it. Stupid people overdose their poor babies (usually GROSSLY overdose them from what I've read), and then blame it on the drug.

    These drugs have done WONDERS for my babies when they have been sick and have truly needed medication. Steam baths, vaporizers, nose suckers and saline have their place, but they just aren't always enough. And when that has been the case, I have followed my board-certified pediatricians' advice and used these medications for my kids, from a VERY young age, with NO adverse effects and nothing but practically MIRACULOUS results. I shudder to think of the next time Jackson gets really sick and needs this medicine and I can't get it anymore because some jackass was too stupid to breed but did it anyway.

    I wonder if it's off the shelves yet and if I can go to every Walgreens in town and buy them out (within the "limit" of course, which was established for an entirely different set of stupid jackasses). Maybe I'll hit Walmart, too.

    No wonder I'm online all the time. People in the real world seriously piss me off. I'm even labeling this post, that's how ticked I am.

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