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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    See, "Vagina" IS a Dirty Word If You Use It Right

    So I get these automated calls from a cell # that say "you could be losing money on your credit cards, press 1 to be connected to our reps to save you money, this is your last notice, or press 2 to be removed." I'm sure you've gotten them too.

    I've pressed 2 over and over, so today I pressed 1.

    Guy: Hello! I am so and so with credit services...

    Me: Yeah, what do I have to do to get taken off your list? Because I've pressed 2 so many times my finger hurts.

    Guy: You have to be more persistent, ma'am.

    Me: Really? How would I do that?

    Guy: Stick your phone up your vagina.

    Me: REALLY? Why don't you let me talk to you supervisor about that recommendation?

    Guy: {click}

    After I first picked my jaw up off the floor, and then stopped convulsing with laughter, I Googled the number. It's a New Brunswick cell number, and there are lots of complaints about this number online, although mine was the first complaint I saw where anyone was asked to make sweet love to themselves with a piece of household electronic equipment. But clearly this is a scam, and not a legitimate offer of any kind, so just remember that when you get the call. Maybe you could beat them to the punch and tell them to stick THEIR phone someplace.

    Consider yourself warned, then - if you get a cell phone call from 506-227-4564, it's so-and-so from New Brunswick telling you you that you have two choices: give up your credit card numbers and let them screw you, OR do it yourself with your Unidon cordless. Your choice.


    PhilosophiKat said...

    OK, I don't know you, and linked thru to your blog from another blog I do know because of your blog title... all i have to say is LOL!!!!

    So, do we do as our sisters in India did (the Pink Chaddi campaign.. much more serious issue) and send New Brunswick piles of pink panties and fluff them into polite phone call submission?


    Missives From Suburbia said...

    LMAO at the fact that you posted the phone number in your keyword tags!!