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    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Holy Absent Batman

    So where the hell have I been? And is BlogHer Ads going to drop me for not updating on a regular basis? And why am I not writing more?

    All good questions, people. All of them. Where to start? Well, all of last week the entire lot of us were busy fighting off the urge to crawl in bed and die, fighting off at least two different viruses which were painful and yucky to survive. So last week, that's where I was. Before that, not sure - too long ago. I know that after Aimee's birthday I didn't feel like writing much for a few days. There is a part of this blog that reminds me of her so much that being here is often difficult.

    BlogHer Ads - I promise to do better. Please don't drop me. Pretty please?

    I am not writing more because I am not making good use of my time. Is that clear enough? I am jacking around too much, staying up too late (and not to blog, unfortunately), and it needs to change. The garage sale is coming at me with blinding speed and I seem to have come to a stand-still in preparations for that. I am helping Dad on his books, which is arduous and difficult and slow-going. I am planning our garden. My house work is perpetually undone at some level, and catching up one part of it creates a deficit in some other area, and the tail-chasing continues.
    TGPMo2009 is still in a holding pattern. If you could see me now, you'd see me rolling my fracking eyes about it.

    So what else is new? Well, Greg's work is slow. Slooooowwwww. We are going to have to make some changes around here if things don't pick up soon. But he just won Employee of the Month...again. It's getting embarrassing for him, frankly - that's five times in less than five years. He also went to the dentist today, for which I think he is done being mad at me for - I made the appointment for him after much "discussion" about it. He seems to be one of the very rare people in the world who, quite literally, do not make tartar. One whose teeth do not calcify. The hygienist did NOT believe how long it's been since his last cleaning. Whatever. He gets all the breaks. No tartar, AND he gets to be married to me? Lu-cky.

    The kids are very much into "art time" and love to draw, paste, and cut at the kitchen table, which is fun and exciting, but messy. They also love playing outside, and are enjoying occasional moments outside "on their own" - with Mommy or Daddy watching through the open kitchen windows, in the fenced yard. Big stuff around here.

    I am still scratching and fighting to stay on the beach, and not always doing so well. Part of the snack I had tonight from Taco Bell rhymes with "fleecy trouble neat schlumito" - and it is NOT on the plan. Still have book ideas that I don't work on, still have craft ideas that I don't work on, and still suck at laundry.

    Oh, and the preschool fundraiser event is coming up in a few weeks - I am chairing the snack walk, and decorations. AND I'm making dessert for the teachers' lunch for the month of April - the day before our garage sale starts. Something tells me they'll be getting one-pan brownies...or Wal-Mart bakery brownies.

    I have several blog ideas in the works here, I promise, and will be doing my level best to finish them up and post them soon. Promise. Gotta go clean my kitchen - we are doubling the number of kids in our house for the day tomorrow, and I should at least START the day with a clean house. Hope your weekend is wonderful, folks!


    mary n said...

    we've missed you. well, i know i have. now that i'm finally making a point to come and read everyone's blogs you guys need to step up to the plate and write something. i don't like walking upstairs for nothing ;)

    becky said...

    Haha! You're okay, I promise. You don't have to post a book. Really. Just a couple of things a week, and if you make a slightly longer post out of one of them that's good for featuring in headlines, that's great, too. :)

    Deb said...

    Dang, kid... your feed sucks ass. I just got this big dump in my inbox that said you had four new posts! I feel left behind!!!!

    Eff BlogHer. (I didn't mean that, BlogHer, I swear. Really.)