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    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    When I Say It's Trashed

    That's what I mean. Trashed.

    OK, it's not generally totally trashed. There are many phases, but I like to keep it from getting unlivable all too often. But I wanted to show you, dear reader, just what it looks like when Cathy takes just 36 hours "off", even if only figuratively. Not absent in body, but partly in mind - choosing to ignore and disregard what needs to be done (on practically an hourly basis) in just one room, for just a little more than one day. See, I've been a little bit, uh...what's the word...bitchy. Irritated. Disconcerted. Annoyed. But that's another blog.

    The effect of my Grumpfest is that the kitchen went to crap in a little more than one day. And that, in all its glory, is what I wanted to show you. So I give you, in color,

    "What Happens When Cathy Spends 36 Hours In IGiveAFuckLand"

    Nice, huh? It's not a huge picture (that's no accident, folks) but you can clearly see parts of most every meal and snack that the kids, Greg and I have eaten since yesterday. And the flowers we bought on Sunday night. And the mail. And the empty milk carton. And the dirty counters. And the sink full of dishes.

    So Momma checked back in, got back on the horse, and got her proverbial poop back in a group.

    Much better, I think. And it helps my mood a little to know tomorrow starts with, if nothing else, a clean kitchen.


    mary n said...

    good job cathy !!!!!!! now can you come teach me how to not let that keep happening to my dining room table? that's our dumping ground. along with the bartop that separates the kitchen from the dining room. the only time they get cleared is when i get really tired of it or we have company coming.

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    I was right there with you last week. I got it together on Friday. Something (or, rather, nothing) seems to have happened since then. It's going to be a rough week.