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    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Conversations That Show WHY Candy Is Not So Dandy

    As I was finishing up Candy Is Not So Dandy, Samantha and I had this little gem:

    S: Mom, can we have these candy necklaces I found in your purse?

    Me: No. I'm saving them for a trip to the store and you can have them as a special treat when you need something to keep you occupied in the store, OK? And get out of my purse.

    S: But MOOOOOOM, why can't I have it NOOOOW?

    Me: I just told you why. We'll have them at the store.

    S: But other kids get to have them when they're NOT at the store!

    Me: Samantha, you don't know what other kids get and what they don't get.

    S: Mom, I KNOW what goes on in the world.

    {Pause while I turn to LMAO and roll my eyes}

    Me: Oh, you do? Guess what else goes on in the world? Some people's moms throw out ALL the Easter candy and don't give them ANY of it - since you are so hot on what goes on in the world, maybe you'd like to give that a try?

    S: No.

    Me: Then put back the candy necklaces and stay out of my purse.


    I always wondered what the big deal was - in my childhood, Mom so often told me, with great vigor, "Get OUT of my purse!" Now I get it. Once again...sorry, Mom.

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