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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    I Wonder If They Put Notebooks on Lanyards

    You know, a lanyard? (I love to say that with a northern accent, and follow it up with "Well ya, for corn's sake..." - don't ask me why.) A lanyard, in case you don't know, is that string that goes around your neck to hold your keys, name tag, whatever? Well, I need one with a notebook on it, so when I have all of these brilliant blog ideas and topics throughout my day I don't have to find someplace to right it down. I've lost at least three in the last two days. Rigoddamndiculous.

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    mary n said...

    my MIL told me a secret during her visit with us: she has a notepad stashed in her dresser drawer that she writes random things on because she doesn't want to forget them. she said if her husband and daughter ever read it they would die of laughter because none of it is related whatsoever and is some of the weirdest pieces of information. maybe you should start one too? it could turn into that book you've always been wanting to write. heck, if all these comedians can do it, so can you right?