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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    If You Start Noticing Patches of Hair Falling Out Of Me Between Now and June, Here's Why

    Preschool fundraiser dinner - I'm chairing Decorations and Snack Walk
    Preschool field trip
    Birthday Party
    Bridal Shower
    Mother's Day
    Preschool Mother's Tea Day
    Preschool End-of-the-Year Picnic
    Garage Sale (two days plus prep)
    Bake Dessert for Teachers
    Make 8 batches pink play-doh for preschool
    Baby shower
    Wedding (Greg ushing)
    Wedding (same day as the first)
    Graduation Party
    Graduation Party

    Add to that the constant, never-ending chores like housework, laundry, raising kids, trying to get my garden in, yard work which starts about now, outdoor projects, Dad's books, Mom's book, paying bills, maintaining relationships and getting to sleep once in a while, and it's no wonder I'm considering taking up hermitism as a way of life. The good news is that Greg's work is so slow right now that he has all kinds of time to help me. Yeah, so that's not really good news, now, is it, since all of the things on my neato list up there require money in some way, shape or form. He keeps assuring me it's going to pick up soon. I am trusting that he's right.

    I should note something. NOT trying to be an ass here. So grateful to be a part of so many people's lives, truly. So glad to be blessed with the bounty of opportunities to share in all of the grand pomp and circumstance that happens in the spring at weddings, graduations, and parties of all kinds. Not dismissing or wishing away any of it by any means.

    Just wishing it wasn't all happening in the next 38 days!

    And I know everyone's busy this time of year, this is not some new brand of suffering, I know that. So maybe we can all just commiserate together for a minute before we get back to being busy. I have cookies to make tonight, four loads of laundry just to get us so we all have things to wear and towels to use, a house to clean and kids to get to bed.

    Uh, I should note, though - in June, I will be unavailable. For anything. Don't ask. Seriously, I'm hiding. I may unhook the phones and bolt all the doors shut, save the one that leads out we can go play. And weed. And paint the foundation. And mow. And clean up dog poop. And...

    It never stops, does it? Life truly IS what happens while you're busy making other plans.


    ~Carrie said...

    Good luck with all that sister! That's why I don't volunteer to do anything at school. Too many kids, too many activities. By the time Dani is in school... maybe. {{Hugs}} and get some sleep now while you can!

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    I am starting to think this IS life. I know... a novel concept. Now if I can just get myself to accept that.

    mary n said...

    be happy you have so many people around you who love you. the only thing we get invited to is toddler birthday parties. we don't know anyone with kids old enough for graduations and we've gone to 2 weddings in the last 10 years.

    you know what they say: if you wake up in the morning and something hurts that means you're still alive.

    if you get an invitation in the mail for a family event it means you're loved.

    unfortunately, this is the time of year where everyone wants you to bless them with your presence. i hope you do get to enjoy it through all the crazy busyness.