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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    I Hope You Can't Catch Swine Flu From Handling Cash

    Because if you can, Mrs M and I are hosed, since we laid our hands on a CRAP load of it, from what I would estimate were HUNDREDS of people who came to our garage sale on Friday and Saturday.

    Our garage sale, if I say so myself, was a ROUSING success. Believe me when I say that our profits FAR exceeded my expectations for the two-day event, and I could not be happier with how it turned out. HUGE thanks to Mrs M for hosting, for organizing your neighborhood's sale, and for all your hard work and effort.

    Best parts:

    1) I scheduled a truck from Salvation Army to pick up everything that was left after the sale, and I am told they came this morning and got it all (except for three things which they missed, darn it); so what I brought home was minimal. Like three boxes, and lots of empty totes. LOTS of them.

    2) Running my ass off for a week getting everything ready and doing the actual sale also netted me a five pound weight loss for the week, despite eating mostly crap.

    3) Our nursery furniture went to a young mom who was surely pregnant and who surely could not afford to spend a fortune, and that is JUST the kind of family I wanted it to go to.

    4) My closets and storage areas are blissfully devoid of extra boxes - it would have been worth the effort just for that, even if I'd made half of what I made.

    I'm itching to tell you what I made, because it seems almost unbelievable, but I am reticent to go posting numbers like that out in the scary weird world. Just take my word for it. And when you see me or talk to me, feel free to ask. I can't hardly contain myself so I'm sure I'll spill it to you.

    It was the hardest weekend I've had in a while, but totally worth it, in more ways than one. There was more excitement here this week and I'll update you on that soon. Right now I have to go finish making pink play-doh for preschool.

    Have a great Monday!

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