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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Two Days, Two Dates

    Girl dates, that is. Dates that are actually, believe it or not, "for me, for once". I am ecstatic at the idea of having two nights this week that I get to hang out with two of my favorite people, eat my own food, and use foul language over a glass of whatever while I just be "Cathy" for a while.

    Mrs M and I will be dining out this evening at a very posh spot here in the big "O", and I think I can speak for both of us when I say we are fairly giddy about the idea. We've been planning to have dinner out together, even dreamt of doing it monthly (gasp!), for two years or better, but this will mark our first outing together sans kids*. There will be much laughing, much eating of roasted garlic ranch dressing (this place has a ranch that will make your mouth SING, trust me on this), much girl talk, and time for us to visit in a way we seldom get to when the kiddos are having their play dates. I cannot wait, and I expect us to pencil in the next before the dessert cart comes around.

    Girl date #2 happens tomorrow night. Ms S and I are old friends. I was in her wedding NINETEEN years ago, and while we didn't always stay in touch through the years when life took us in different directions geographically, I am full of joy at having her back in my life, and this is our second girl date in the last couple of months. A swanky chinese bistro will be the setting for our evening out, one that Greg doesn't care for so I seldom get to go (I last went there with my other old friend E, and she gave me the skinny on what's good there). Our biggest problem when we are together is trying not to pee our pants from laughing too much. And yet she is able to see and find in me the places that need comfort and support and offer just that. We're still catching up after not being in regular contact for several years, and I look forward to another great night of getting all the scoop on what's new with her, and watching her jaw drop as I talk of all the fun that embodies my life these days.

    Good times to come, and I cannot wait. Momma's going OUT tonight, baby...and tomorrow night...who wants to go to dinner with me on Thursday?**

    *Samantha is NOT amused that I am going out with Mrs M and she will NOT being seeing Little L and Big R, so I told her the only reason we are meeting is to set up play dates for them. So Mrs M, remind me that we have to set up a play date or I'll be chastized by the small blonde one indefinitely.

    **OK, maybe better make that next Thursday...I'm not sure if Greg's up for bedtime duty on his own three nights in a row. Bless his heart, he's a first-rate dad, but handling both of them for bed time is a challenge for anyone, and I certainly don't want to use up all my credits with Daddy in one week. OH, and by the way, honey...thanks. You're really, truly the best. I love you.


    Deb said...

    Me, me, me!!!

    Amanda said...

    Hey, pick me, pick me! :) Didn't know you were THIS popular, did ya? Wait, I'm sure you did! :) Teehee..

    herself75 said...

    I'm busy on Thursday. how 'bout Friday?

    Hope you had fun last night and even more tonight!

    Kae said...

    Damn, I was going to put my name in....but it sounds like you'll be booked for nights to come. Come to Oregon....bring that adorable family of yours and dinner (and drinks) are on me! ANY NIGHT!