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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Look, I Appreciate The Thought

    Really, I do. The idea of the whole "verify that you're a person and not a computer" thing which manifests itself in the handy-dandy random letter thingee generator on myspace and facebook, and even here; all very nice gestures from their creators. It's nice to feel protected.

    It's also a HUGE pain in my ass.

    Uh, here's a tip: if you smash the letters and numbers on TOP of each other so they're illegible, it doesn't matter if it's a computer or Aunt Martha, no one's comments are getting posted, asshat. If you're gonna layer them, you could at least make them different colors or some shit. Because when I type in what I THINK it is, only to have you come back at me like I'm a felon asking for a handgun telling me that I've entered an "INCORRECT VERIFICATION SEQUENCE" or what the fuck ever it's called, it really tightens my colon. At least.

    Today it happened on Aimee's memorial site (did I tell you about that yet?), while I was trying to post the tribute post I've been working on for days, and not only did it come back and give me the big virtual Fuck You, but it also wiped out my entire post too. Jim Dandy Dee.

    So to the powers that be in the world of internet security, you get A for effort, and F for execution. Figure out a better way to put those little letters in the box so they are legible to humans without giving them away to computers, or I'm just going to always start typing in FUCK YOU instead.

    I'll show you.


    Kae said...

    *giggle* There's the Cathy I know and love!

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    Soooo... what you're saying is you're going to turn off the word verification function on your comments? :)