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    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    The Power of Google or MSN Made A Dunce Out of Me

    My good friend Mrs M called me today, certain I had heard the news. She was wrong. I had not. She informed me that Mr M had just come bursting in, saying that "Cathy's blog is on MSN!". I did NOT believe her, and told her so. Then I saw it.

    Apparently I was one of the first to be blogging about this email forward, because I seem to have come up pretty high on the Google hits when Karen Datko, who writes for the Smart Spending Blog on MSN Money, was looking for who was passing this crap around online. (Yes, I'm calling it crap now, since it is, in effect, a bunch of CRAP.) Oh, Karen, how I wish you would have checked back with my blog before you decided to quote me on an article that has now received, at last check, over FIFTY-ONE THOUSAND VIEWS since it posted on MSN; an article where I am representing all those who read, believed and passed it on. I wish that almost as much as I wish I had run the numbers myself before I posted it. Oh, the things we wish for.

    But, it's been an exciting day because of it, and I can now say I was quoted on MSN, even if I look like a complete mental midget to anyone who doesn't bother to click on the link to come here and see my correction post. So let's hope you're clicking over from there (as hundreds of others have done today) and finding out that I did not fail to do the math correctly, but that I simply failed to do the math. But hey, there is no bad publicity, right?

    So, with that being said...a HUGE, HEARTY, FOR ME FOR ONCE WELCOME to all of you MSN readers! I embrace your readership if you'll have me, and if you stick around, I think you'll find that I am not only NOT a dunce, but am quick with a phrase and a downright pretty groovy girl. A groovy girl who learned today that "usually" verifying information in a forward before you pass it on is just not good enough. So be assured that THAT won't happen again. Hope you'll stick around, read my stuff, and smile while you do it. (Aww, hokey, right? I know, it happens sometimes around here. It'll pass - much like this MSN business.)


    ~Carrie said...

    I know a blogging star! At least you didn't get 51,000 comments! :)

    mary n said...

    well i'm just impressed that i have so many well connected friends: one who was quoted on MSN, another on the Today show, one who met Chad from Alltel and one who's mother knows Martha. i'm a lucky girl ;)

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    Ahhh... 15 minutes of fame... fame can be so cruel.