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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Nearly 1000 Pageviews From 14 Countries

    Quite the weekend we've had here at For Me For Once. I'm loving your visits, both new and old, and I've accepted being the "(formerly)-uninformed-blogger-representative" for MSN, and embraced it wholly. What the hell? There are LOTS of worse things to be known for, am I right?

    Think about it. Brad Pitt started out doing Pringles commercials. Can't tell me he brags about that moment around the dinner table with the fam.

    And what about the guy who got caught on video peeing in the office coffee pot? Did HE have people from 14 countries checking out his blog? I think not.

    Then there was the girl from a neighboring high school, back in the day, who got a hot dog stuck up her whoo-hah? I know, right? I think she had to move away or some shit.

    So, it is what it is. I have actually had about 4 good giggles about the whole thing, and am finding it rather gratifying to click over to MSN and find my blog, even if it's featured as the "deet-dee-dee" perspective of the article in which it's contained.

    No worries, folks. It's all good, and it's not even CLOSE to being the worst thing that's happened to me this month, which puts it all in perspective when you think about it.

    I wonder what other dumb shit I can post and see if I can get ABC to pick me up? Hmmm...


    Missives From Suburbia said...

    I'm pretty sure I saw Sarah Palin quoting the same numbers in her interview with Katie Couric last week, so VP of the United States could be your next stop if you play your cards right.

    mary n said...

    well at least you're getting world wide attention. some lady just posted that email to a local county message board i subscribe to. and 3 people responded saying what a good idea until the 4th stole their thunder when she corrected it.

    Kae said...

    I'd still like your autograph!! :-)