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    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Balls: The Dropping of...and the Absence of Same

    It seems that, regarding my blog post "We Deserve It Dividend" immediately preceding this one, the numbers found in that post are inaccurate. The actual quotient when dividing $85 billion by 200M people is $425.00, and NOT $425,000 as it states. Rather disappointing, yes? I thought so too. Hell, we got more than that from Fabulous Mr. Bush's Stimulus Program. And I only had to figure it once to get that number. I am guessing the original author had a couple too many zeros in his calculations. Once I "worked it out for myself", it was fairly simple to find the correct answer.

    So, you, "anonymous reader", are mistaken in believing I need to work on my math skills. I was remiss in choosing NOT to utilize my just-fine-thank-you-very-much math skills before I posted it, and for that, I accept responsibility. I seldom pass on any forward I receive without verifying its contents first, and I apologize to my faithful readers and friends for dropping the ball on this one.

    Oh, and since we're talking, I do NOT believe everything I read, which is why I have some doubt regarding whether or not you actually "do not know me", since you made a specific point of starting with that statement (me thinks he doth protest too much). Which is interesting, since it's not as though I came UP with the formula used in the post (which I was fairly sure I made clear in saying it was a forward I had received); so anyone who knows me should have known that remaining "anonymous" was unnecessary to spare my feelings.

    So if you DO know me, and you were feeling catty and superior because you ran the numbers on the calculator before I did and just couldn't help yourself...grow a set why don'tcha? Because if you do know me, you know that I admit when I'm wrong, and am generally grateful for opportunities to learn. I am NOT, however, grateful for being called an idiot on my blog for passing on something that, frankly, most of us know is just a joke because it will never happen, so was mostly posted in good, pipe-dream type fun. (You do remember saying that "WHOEVER" is circulating it was an idiot, yes? I would be part of that collective "whoever".)

    And if you really don't know me, as you say...well, I guess, thanks for the info. You didn't need to remain anonymous, either, but whatever floats your boat. I have NO doubt that seeking out blogs on which to point out errors helps to fill up what is probably a fairly droll existence for you. So you're welcome.


    herself75 said...

    I don't think "Anonymous" knows you. if s/he did then s/he would know not to mess with you!

    It is a wonderful fantasy though, isn't it?

    reminds me. I need to check those Powerball tickets....

    Melissa said...

    I have to admit. I received the email as well. It WAS a nice idea... although I knew something would be wrong with it. I was loathe to forward it because I just knew I'd get something back regarding it. I work in taxes, so.... yeah. I can't send stuff like that to my friends without getting tons of questions and comments. Fantasies and dreams are always needed though. Too bad this one couldn't be real. :-)

    P.S. I linked to this through MSN right after I mentioned the email to some people at work, then saw the link regarding the "rebuttal".

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    I bet "Anonymous" wouldn't know that using "whoever" in the context you've chosen is grammatically correct. Based on Anonymous' superior, snotty attitude I'm betting the person probably would have done something dumb like used "whomever" just to try to sound intelligent.

    Anonymous said...

    Why not just give $1,000,000,000 to everyone, then no Americans ever need to work again? Because the idea is stupid on its face, even if the math had been correct.

    Just as the stimulus package did nothing other than provide a short-term economic bump, giving every adult American $400,000 would also give a short-term bump, with the added benefit of driving up inflation beyond anything this country has ever seen, and driving down short-term productivity to the point where we'd be begging for another Depression.

    I don't think you need to work on your math skills, but Economics 101 (maybe in conjunction with History 101) couldn't hurt.

    Anonymous said...

    I didn't do the math but when i heard this plan it was 700 billion the government was going to pay to bail out wall street, someone do the math and what would that come to? just a thought.