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    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    There Are No Gangstas In My Hood...

    ...and yet I've been tagged, it seems. (Get it? It's a kind of double entendre, cuz "tagged" can mean more than one th...never mind, let's move on...)

    Who tagged me? Catie, over at The girl's a knitting machine, busy mom, career woman, and all-around good egg. Check her out.

    Anyway, so the tag is "6 quirky things about me". Only six? I exude quirky, are you kidding me? Ok, here goes...

    1 - I prefer s'mores made in the microwave over those made by fire or even stove top. A marshmallow alone cannot properly melt a Hershey bar, period. So if you want it all to be gooey and yummy, you stack it on a paper plate (trust me, you don't want to scrub melted marshmallow off your dinnerware) and give it about 17 seconds. Let it sit a few seconds, and yummo.

    2 - I used to be proud of my sexual prowess and openness, and say things like "I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose" and "I'm the best I've ever had". I didn't think so at the time, but looking back, I think I was kind of a slut. I'll have to ask Greg. If he smiles and says "no", I'll know it's true.

    3 - My dad has been blind since I was 8 years old, and it has changed EVERYTHING about my life, and about how our family was and is, and I used to wish on stars that he would get his sight back, despite knowing they took his eyes and his optic nerves and threw them in the scrap bucket at the VA hospital instead of finding a way to fix him. Hey, at least it was free treatment, right?

    4 - My small toenails, as in the last two on each foot, when trimmed to their shortest comfortable length, are barely visible and not paintable or filable. They practically disappear.

    5 - Despite LOVING all of the music from Phantom of the Opera since I was in high school almost 20 years ago, and knowing the entire soundtrack by heart, I just saw the musical for the first time this year. It was freaking awesome.

    6 - I am a "For Women First" and "Woman's World" junkie - I buy them every week, sure that each one has the secret clues to a happy, organized, stress-free, skinny life. I have about 15 of them right now that need to be clipped and put into my binder of "helpful hints" before I recycle them.

    So there. I kept it to six, aren't you impressed? I thought so. Hey, don't go spreading that "slut" thing around, it's ancient history and the stigma has kind of left me and I don't really want it back. Thanks.


    herself75 said...

    thanks for playing along! I knew you'd have some good ones!

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    We really are soul mates. I can't even eat s'mores that are made at a campfire, and I can't even tell you the number of comments my teeny, tiny pinky toenails have elicited.

    The rest of that stuff? Yeah, we don't have that in common. As far as you know.

    Kae said...

    You tramp!!!! :-)

    I'm proud of you for keeping it to 6. I could write a whole novel. And it's cute Catie called it quirky.... I'd call it freakin' crazy!