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    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    Sunday Ramblings

    Today we're going with the ILs to have buffet for Greg's birthday (that was last Wed. for those who don't know). So naturally, just to make sure I COMPLETELY overeat today, I asked Greg to go get Taco Bell this morning! Hey, the scale was down two pounds, so I have leeway, right? We really ARE out of soda, and my caffeine addiction DID need a Dr Pepper, but breakfast tacos just sounded (and were) tooooooo good to pass up. Especially that one with guac and bacon on it....if you haven't had Taco Bell for breakfast, give it a go, seriously.

    I'm wearing a new shirt today, purchased with an Old Navy gift card that I got with my "Club Mom" points that I earned as part of my contract when I wrote for them for a year. Felt good to A) pay for something with "money" that I earned for once, and B) to splurge and pay full price for a shirt for me, just because I liked it. Can't remember the last time I did that. It was $14.50, NOT clearance, and it felt like a TOTAL indulgence. The last two new shirts I bought were on sale at Walmart for $4 each. But this new cute stripey polo is way cute, and I even bought myself white capris (in size 12, thankyouverymuch!), but those will stay home today, I'll wear jean capris instead. Remember I said we're eating buffet, so the chances of white pants surviving a trip to the buffet with two kids in tow - not great. The pants I'll save for our trip to Iowa (Aimee, be impressed that I am stockpiling new clothing to come to fabulous Downtown Waterloo, Iowa!) that we'll make on Labor Day weekend!

    Anyway, the recent clothing purchases have me thinking - I miss contributing to our family financially. I know I'm contributing in every other way and those ways are equally important, and I know that in Greg's heart, it's all "our money", but anyone who is a SAHM understands what I'm saying, I think. I feel bad buying clothes for me to wear to ... go to the store, or the zoo, or to stay home in, when I'm buying them with money that Greg busted his ASS to earn for us (esp. when I look at our debt). And very seldom do I buy myself clothes, etc., for that very reason - it seems silly to buy myself new clothes unless it's something I REALLY need. The kids obviously need new clothes on a regular basis, weeds that they are, so that's different. But using that gift card was liberating for me. That was money that I earned, not that I made it possible for Greg to earn. Money that my skills brought into our home. And I liked that feeling. Greg does not keep track of, or care, what I buy for myself (not that I buy that much, but he never bats an eye when I do), so it's not that I couldn't have bought the clothes with "our" money. But I never would have - not at "full price", anyway.

    So I really would love to find a way to contribute financially on a regular basis, even if it's just for extras like a new shirt and capris once in a while. Gee, am I the first SAHM to say that? No? LOL. But I did say that one of the points of this BLOG was to start figuring out what my life outside of my role as "mom" would be. Sooo.

    Let's see...I have a children's book written, sitting in a file for years now...wonder if anyone knows a fabulous legitimate children's publisher who'd want to take a look at it (uh, that's a hint if anyone actually DOES)...or I could pimp myself out to write complaint letters for people - that's one of my favorite things to do anyway! Ooh - I should write a book about what NOT to put up with! How 'bout that? I could focus it on marriage, maybe, since everyone says mine is perfect, right? And tell women what crap they shouldn't put up with from their husbands? Right? I could call it "Some Husbands Don't Like Me...But The Ones Who Do Are Worth Keeping!" ROTF, I think I'm babbling now...

    I could go back to school. I've long considered psychology, but I don't know if I could really help people. Maybe it would make a difference if someone was paying me, but no one ever seems to take my advice now! (If you do take my advice, I'm not talking to you, don't get all worked up, OK?) Mostly I'm referring to, uh, one or more of my SIBLINGS who figuratively, repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot and then wonder why, when all the while I've been screaming "GET YOUR FOOT OUT OF THE WAY!!!". This has been going on for YEARS, love them all as I do, and it feels really pointless anymore! Oy. So maybe not psychology? Who knows.

    Wedding consultant. I'd love to do that, too. I LOVE planning weddings! I've done two of my own, havent' I? Doesn't that make me almost a pro? Right?

    There's always eBay, I've sold stuff on there, but it's a LOT of damn work and there's no guarantee of any ROI.

    OK, gotta get moving while Jackson is still sleeping. GAAAAAWD he was a grump-ass this morning. I think he's working on teeth, so I drugged him and nursed him to sleep, which violates my "no nursing during the day" policy, but at the point he was at, I'd have done anything to get him to sleep, he was PISSY. Samantha and Daddy are nuggling and watching a movie, and my hair has dried while I'm doing this. So I'm off to get the water bottle, wet it down, blow dry it like it's supposed to be, and move on with the day.

    Happy Sunday, all - don't forget to let me know you were here and say "hey", ok? And if anyone knows that publisher, let me know...thanks!


    Anonymous said...

    I will pay you to watch the baby I am going to have someday! I know you would provide quality care! I'm ready to make a baby. I tried to talk Tim into it last night. I suggested that once this month of pills are over, I could just not take them next month and we could just see if anything happened. I could go back on them the next month. He didn't really go for it though. So I guess we wait for him to get further into school, and maybe some other event....

    Deb said...

    No on the wedding planning. Do you really want mothers, MILs and brides to be the source of your income? No. You'd kill yourself. Right after you killed them, of course.

    I, too, would pay you to watch my child. There are very few people I would say are qualified for the task. Oh, to heck with paying, just come over and we'll quaff wine while we watch our kids duke it out.

    Deb said...

    P.S. I thought about this all day and just had to post again: congratulations on getting paid for your wonderful writing. You deserve it!