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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    So Far, Tuesday's Better...

    ...but it's early, you know! Ha ha...let's hope today brings better things and better attitudes for me and those who have to put up with my grumpy ass.

    The kids are eating breakfast while I type and eat my granola bar and Diet Cherry Pepsi. I am setting up my day in my head, most of which consists of laundry, going out to water my newly-transplanted hostas that I got from the IL's, more laundry, trying to think of what to get Greg for his birthday next week (ideas welcome), cleaning my kitchen, waiting for my grocery delivery to show up ( for those in my area, it's great for those things you forgot or ran out of before your next shopping trip), and planning my meals for the rest of the week (which I should have done Sunday had it not sucked so bad).

    There seems to be some type of funk going around - everyone on Jackson's birth board seems to be fighting off some crud for them and/or their kids, and it's the same here. Samantha had a high fever, a trip to Dr Jane's and a case of viral tonsillitis last week, and it seems to have morphed into some type of cold for me, and I have consequently been blowing my nose non-stop since yesterday. Nice. Cuz you know, it's been at least a month since I had a cold, so I was due, right? Sucky deal. I just hope the boys both get to skip this one. I'm tired of feeling crappy or watching someone else feel crappy! And now that I think of it, Mom said my sister is sick, too. What is this summer flu crap all over the place???

    OK, enough whining about colds and flus. I am desperately trying to recharge my spirit/brain/attitude, and so I'd better get busy finding a way to do that. Maybe a nap? No, only been up an hour, a nap seems silly, and good luck getting the kids to go along...maybe re-think the meditation/prayer thing, although I'd need a pretty good kids' movie to get my kids enraptured enough to get to go meditate for any length of time. That, and I can never shut my brain off long enough to get to any sort of relaxed state. I've tried. Yoga? My older sister swears by it...but then again, my older sister is 5'9" and 135 pounds, so twisting herself into a pretzel is probably no sweat for her skinny butt. For me it's like trying to do origami....with bed pillows.

    Oh, well....maybe I'll just continue with laundry therapy. That, and getting to look into the eyes of the two most beautiful kids ever conceived all day long. (Hey, everyone who's ever met my kids can't be wrong!) Yep, I'd say today's a better day. Hope yours is too!

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    Crazy Momma said...

    Cathy glad to know you are heading in a better direction..I use walking or shopping as my way of mediation..hahahaha..I usually take the dog walk after long days or nights and we get some "alone time"...the dog loves the walk also..

    I hope you find your outlet soon..