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    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    The Rollercoaster Begins

    We've been 'tick-tick-tick-tick-tick'-ing up the first segment of our calendar-of- events-rollercoaster, and now we're hitting the first loop and drop. LOTS of fun stuff coming up, but the "lots" part is what makes it feel a little chaotic. And I'm sure to some who are used to "going" all the time, I probably sound stupid (I get the feeling people think that about me anyway...that's another blog, though...), but we have a busy month for us. And that would all be well and good had I done all of the planning I should have done at this point.

    So, in NO particular order, here's some of the crap I need to get done.

    • Prep for Jackson's party on Sunday. That's a list in itself.

    • Get stuff ready for Jackson's "other" party the day before.

    • Start packing for trip to Iowa.

    • Work on getting my house clean enough (and private stuff put away enough) for my sister, et al. to come stay here while we are in Iowa.

    • Plant flowers sitting on my porch that Greg will strangle me over if they die before I get them planted. I already lost one out back and he said I was cut off from buying any more. Boo on him.

    • Clean out closets and storage. There is not nearly enough room to put shit away in this house for item 3 above unless I get rid of some shit. And Greg needs to be working on the garage, too, because DAMN. We have too much crap. Serious.

    • Spend several hours outside evening out my shoulders which have tan lines on them, and also a peeling sunburn, before I have to wear a strapless gown in two weeks.

    • Find a slip for Samantha for underneath her FG dress. Have you tried to find a 3t slip lately? Go ahead, try. I'll wait. No, I won't.

    • Work on a project to be named after I copyright and/or patent it, which will never happen if I don't get the protoype made and see if it actually works or not. Curious? More to come in the future...

    • Laundry...always laundry...

    So I am hanging on tight, because the ride is about to begin, and I should have been making sure the bar was tight and my palms weren't sweaty all the way up to the top, because now I am NOT feeling like I have a good grip or a good seat, and I sure hope I don't crash and burn on the way down!


      Cristina said...

      Grrr... What's that rpototype ??!??

      Cristina said...

      Beautiful ! I can't even correct my typos...