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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008


    It seems that's my theme today - I have the urge to blog about, but am lacking in tasty, riveting material that I know you'll want to read. I did clean my house last night, exciting as that is, and today is grocery shopping day, despite my still feeling like dooky and the kids' persistent runny noses.

    So, with that being our reality, it seems it's "Q & A Period" here again at FMFO. Questions from you = answers from me.

    Takes four seconds, people. Just ask, and I will answer. What have you been dying to ask me? What are you wondering about that I can go look up for you and post about. Remember that anonymous comments are allowed so you can ask anything without even telling me who you are! Exciting, yes? I know, right! So send me your questions, either to my email or just post a comment, and ASAP I'll be whipping up a witty, snazzy answer just for you. M'kay?

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    Missives From Suburbia said...

    Why did you take all my paper towels?