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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    And So Is The Cycle Of Addiction

    That time off was GREAT. I am speaking of the time spent off-line before I cracked my elbow, of course. Seriously, got tons done, and felt great about it, missed blogging but knew it was for a good reason...all good stuff, no lie.

    And now the web junkie business is back again, with a vengeance. It's like that first night out drinking after rehab. Or that first pack of smokes once you start again. OK, more like the third or fourth pack - you know, when you're smoking them like they're oxygen sticks instead of cancer sticks? Yeah, like that. Can't get enough, can't put it down, and can't walk away.

    I have shit to do. Hear me clearly - SHIT. TO. DO. And yet I am here, in cyberspace, while the kids are in bed, and I have prime opportunity to get my wreck of a house cleaned up, and dinner started, and my grocery list finished. And what am I doing instead? Facebook. Myspace. Message boards. Online news stories. Birthday party planning (Hey, SKC's party is only five months away!). Email. Obits. Zoo events. Bills. On and on and on.

    Damn. It's really an addiction, seriously. Hell, you know, you're here, too. Like, if I am away too long from the PC, I find myself thinking of other reasons to come downstairs, and hey, while I'm there, might as well "check in" for "just a sec". Ridiculous. If I don't come down and hop on, I start to get edgy. Grumpy, at times, even. How stupid is that? It boggles the mind. What's ironic is that there are things on the PC I could be doing that are worthwhile (other than blogging for you fine folks, obviously), and I'm not even doing those things!

    Oh, wait. I forgot my excuse until I took a deep breath right now. You won't even believe it. But it's true. It's lame, but it's true. Because having a broken elbow, a sprained ankle, a cold and sick kids, and a mortgage payment that just went up 10A% in the same month when I have to start shelling out preschool tuition on my hands isn't enough, I pinched a nerve in my back this morning. Idn't THAT just freaking DANDY?! So it hurts to walk and certainly hurts to bend over (as in to pick things up) or stretch (as in to wiped off table and/or counters), so what's a girl to do?

    Oh, yeah. Sit on her ass and mold it even further into that lovely computer-chair-shape. Nice. The ibuprofen did nothing for it, and the Doanes will work for it, but I can't take them until Greg gets home because they knock me out - and so then I won't be doing housework anyway. Not that I know where they are right now in this mess of a house.

    Irony. My life is complete and total irony.

    I missed the meeting where I signed up to give Job* a run for his money on hardships, but apparently it's already in the system and playing out nicely. Perhaps a hang-glider will fall through my kitchen roof later, or I'll stick a fork through my eye dancing a jig, whatever.

    Hope your day is going better than mine. I have to check email now, and the kids are up so I'll need to log off for a little while anyway. I wonder if there are drugs to treat internet addiction yet?

    OK, I'm shutting it off, that's it.

    *OK, fine - Job had it worse than me, I know. WAY worse. But it's my pity party, so just cut me some slack, alright? Thanks much.

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    Missives From Suburbia said...

    When you walk away from the computer, don't look back or you'll turn into a pillar of salt.

    Oh, crap. That was Lot's wife. Not Job's. I'm not good with names.