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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    You Can Do Other Stuff While You Listen and Learn, That's the Beauty

    Most of you are probably familiar with Whole Foods Market, especially if you're into whole foods, organic foods, natural foods, and the like. I dig their store, I really do. Don't get to shop there as often as I'd like, but when I do, I feel happy, conscientious, content and at peace with Mother Earth. Sounds hokey, right? But really, it's like a boost for the green spirit in all of us who live in a seemingly "un-green" world. No doubt, this company is serious about "green". Their motto sums it up: Our motto, Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet, is a daily working philosophy that sets us apart from other companies. A key component of that philosophy is being green — a deep commitment to environmental stewardship that puts us at the forefront of the effort to make the planet whole and healthy.

    I am a fan of lots of their products. Their bakery stuff is major YUMMO behind glass, and offer lots of choices for nearly all dietary restrictions. I also especially love the wide, oval, oversized, left- or right-hand specific line of toothbrushes and am due for a new one (left-handed, of course, thankyouverymuch!). I also really love WFM's HUGE aisle of those yummy snack foods - granola, nuts, grains and dried fruits, etc., available by the pound in their handy-dandy self-serve dispensers. Won't find THAT at Walmart.

    Anyway, so I've checked them out, and as I move down the path of exploring organics, and further loving whole grains, I look forward to checking them out more often. What I hadn't checked out, until recently, was their website, and more specifically, their blog. Looking for info on their products and how to use them? Looking for insight on "green" issues that we all face and deal with? Looking for perspective on organics; or on healthy tips for our kids and ourselves? This blog is the place to go.

    Specifically of interest right now is their "back-to-school" podcast series. Good stuff, folks, I checked it out. They've already done a great audio podcast on natural oral care, and another on the benefits of multivitamins for everyone, but especially for our kids, and several others that are full of info that's relevant, informative and just plain good stuff to know. And a little birdy told me that, coming up in the next few weeks, they'll be posting more audio podcasts on their blog - one about EFAs (essential fatty acids) and how to maximize their benefit for those brains you're sending back to school (coming Sept. 2), and then expect another on immunity through the school year (coming Sept. 9), detailing how to give our families the best defense against the creeping crud that seems to follow us all home from now til Easter. With Samantha starting preschool next week, you can BET I'll be checking both of these out. (Especially the one on immunity - those kids are germ factories, and every day when she comes home she'll be the Trojan Horse of the sickies.)

    So I'll be checking it out, and now YOU can be checking it out, and be passing it on to others so THEY can check it out. Don't make me bug you about it, just read it and pass the link on, wouldja?

    Again, find the back-to-school podcasts here, and enjoy:


    McBung said...

    Left handed toothbrush? Are they really all that different? I mean I can switch it up and brush left handed and it seems fine to me. in seven lefties were meant to be a twin but they absorbed their sibling in the womb. So there's something to think about for the day. Twin absorber.

    Cathy said...

    This is the last comment Aimee left on my blog. I am crying again. Please don't be dead.