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    Monday, August 18, 2008

    I Wanna Be a Bo-liever

    I really do. Coach Pellini, I'm begging you. Please be what the Huskers need. Please. PLEASE.

    Frankly, it's not that I care personally. Sorry, that sounds assholish and I apologize, but it's just not my cup of Gatorade - this Huskermania, Husker Nation, In Bo We Trust, Os Rules (although he is a fine man who I admire in general), and in general the Go Big Red insanity that is the joy and heart and soul of my home state. While I do on occasion enjoy watching the Huskers play, and I get the tradition and nostalgia that keeps the love of Husker football alive, I'm not going to pee my pants if you win or lose. It's just not me.

    HOWEVER, I live with one who, as the Husker Nationals say, "bleeds red for his Huskers" (as if they would bleed any other colors if they were Jayhawk, Seminole, Cyclone or whatever fans). He truly, truly adores the game, knows all the plays at first glance, believes in college football like some people believe in healthy eating or exercise for fitness. It's a ...what is it...well, it's a sickness really, in all honesty. But it's his sickness, and he loves it. He's been known to tear up in four bars or less of the Tunnel Walk, he honestly believes in Husker Nation, and it's been a long few years for him. Ole' Bill was about more than he could take. And so it's been a long few years vicariously for me, Bo. You don't even know, OK, just trust me on that.

    But now you've come back to Nebraska. Back to Lincoln, back to campus, back to fabulous Memorial Stadium, and more importantly, to Tom Osborne Field, dear-sweet-jesus-and-saints-be-praised. These days it's all about "Order Restored", and all that jazz.

    And there is hope again in Husker Nation. "I'm a Boliever" shirts are everywhere, on backs and on racks, and the countdown tickers to game-time are cropping up all over the state. The excitement is almost tangible, and is becoming more electric as the days go by.

    Please don't let him down. Please do the things you promise you'll do. Please bring back the order that the Husker Nation needs. And not because the state needs it, or even because Husker Nation needs it. After all it is just football. Do it because I cannot envision another year with such disappointment in my husband's eyes, and such shoulder-shrugging which accompanies sighing and much "Oh, who gives a crap"-ing, when the fact of the matter is, I know that HE gives a crap. I don't understand it, and I don't need to. I just want him to be happy. And the Huskers on top makes him happy.

    So go Bo. Go on and bring those Huskers back to where they belong. Go Big Red. Pretty please.


    JenWiehl said...

    You are awesome. I'm sending this to all I know. :)

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    Ummm... football? Just checking.