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    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Thoughts For a Thursday (OR Why You Can't Ever Find a Topic By Title at FMFO)

    Because I ramble, that's why. Unlike my fellow blogger and good friend, Deb, who even in her first week home with two kids can whip up timely, witty, cute individual topics to blog about, complete with pictures and video of her ADORABLE son, The Ambassador, I seem to be unable to commit to one topic per title, for whatever reason. I come up with only word salads and toss them in here together for you to decipher and sort out at your leisure. I will say, however, that it's consistent with the rest of my life right now, which is in physical and mental chaos. My house looks like a tornado hit it (seriously this time), my laundry has taken over, my fridge is overflowing with healthy food and yet I can't find anything I want to eat, my cupboards are a disaster, my closets an eyesore, and I'm constantly trying to keep my head above water to get ANYTHING done. Sorting out and doing one thing at a time seems impossible anywhere, and that apparently includes here at FMFO. I hope to do better soon.


    Birthday Dinner
    We took Samantha to Famous Dave's last night, one of hers and Daddy's favorite spots, and they had good eats and I muddled through. Uh, pretty much NOTHING beachy on the menu. So I ordered a grilled chicken salad and a cup of chili. The chili tasted like it used to be chili before somone dumped an entire bottle of chili powder in it (cheap chili powder to be exact) and then let it simmer for about, oh, 23 days. That took care of the chili. The salad was fine, but I mostly ate the chicken and noshed on the lettuce a bit. I did steal about four bites of a cornbread muffin (my only true love at Famous Dave's), but other than that...however, Samantha ate so much she gave herself a stomach ache, and that SELDOM happens with our string bean, so good for her, it was her birthday and she enjoyed it! I will NOT be asking for Famous Dave's for my birthday, by the way...


    Well, I think we all could have called this one, yes? We've rolled it over, it's like a big ball of Cingular minutes now, we just keep ROLLING IT OVER and not doing it. Nice. The boxes are like a fixture in the office now, I'm not even acknowledging them anymore. I really suck at this organization thing, despite what anyone thinks. I really, truly do. If you saw my office you would never see me in the same way again, I'm not kidding. Don't make me show you. I do hope to begin soon. I really do. Except now I'm up to at least another box of CRAP that has collected since I started organizing the boxes I already have, which now have to be integrated into the boxes already waiting to be filed. You don't even know.

    Random Thoughts Not Long Enough for Their Own Sub-Heading

    Why does me walking past my back door make my dogs need to pee?

    The smell of dill pickles can linger on a toddler's face despite numerous washings.

    Healthy food poop smells worse than junk food poop. I have no idea why, so don't ask.

    There is not one, single, tiny part of me that EVER wants to be pregnant again.

    I need to pay bills today, but seem to be ignoring it. I also need to write a preschool tuition check. Will be glad to have that nearly $200 a month back in June.

    My husband and I need a long, long weekend, away from anyone else on the planet we know. I have NOT, however, figured out how to take my brain along and not leave it here, thinking about my kids the entire time.

    Two-year olds WHINE. They learn it from their big sisters. They take it to a higher level than even she did.

    Five-year olds can climb up on the toilet and get down things from atop the cabinet that were previously out of reach. So said the five-year old this morning, with demonstration included.

    I found a neighbor's mail laying in the street yesterday. Makes me wonder how much of mine is blowing down towards the river.

    Whoever said that veggies are filling and keep you full longer was a liar and a dirty bitch and they should be hung up and shot. McDonald's for breakfast = I'm full for hours. Veggies and dairy for breakfast = I'm starving in two. Every time.

    I am down more than four pounds this week. I will now stop bitching about veggies.

    I have successfully frittered away most all of my "me time" while he sleeps and she's at school. I think I feel another sabbatical coming up. For real. Like, mail the mouse to myself, by way of Ireland or something.

    Better get at it, then, folks. After I check FB. B wants to know if I'm up for another garage sale this spring. That'll be a big fat YES, by the way, B. I'm messaging you now.

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    Deb said...

    Uhh... mine are focused on a single topic, because I am sleep-deprived and incapable of focusing on more than one thing at a time.

    But I'm planning to live blog next week, and I suspect that day is going to look a lot like that list of random thoughts you jotted down.