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    Monday, January 26, 2009


    What is with me lately, right? I'm like the amazing non-blogger these days! Sorry about that...I'm hoping to feel inspired soon.

    Not much new to report here. Typical winter in Nebraska - snow and sick germs. That's about it. Samantha's home today after running a fever most of yesterday. Jackson seems fine so far, but just as I type that he hacks out a nasty cough. Nice.

    I had a case of white flour flu yesterday but that was my own fault. Need to go weigh in and see what that did for me.

    Y'all are lucky I don't blog about family, because if I did, you'd be getting an earful - or six. Just shake your head with me and call it good. Trust me.

    I am going to keep some notes on things I want to blog about (since the ideas bounce in and out of my head with record speed), and you'll hopefully be seeing something hot and fresh and entertaining right here at FMFO, very soon. Stay tuned. Thanks!

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    mary n said...

    I'm glad to hear things are relatively normal around your house. You'll catch us all up in no time.