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    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Monday Memorandum V 3.0

    This will be short, as I have kitchen stuff to do and laundry awaiting before I can hit the sack.

    We have them. 3 out of 4 members of the FMFO household are sick as dogs, and #4 is probably feeling crappier than he will let on. Sucks to be us. I need more Lysol.

    The Beach
    I am back on it. As of today. Even worked out - love my Wii Fit! Expecting good things, and soon. My ass was expanding by the day. Side note: Treadmill for sale. It just can't compare to the Wii, dude. Seriously.

    Samantha's is Wednesday - the big number FIVE. Seems impossible, as each one does, and yet I struggle to remember my life without her. She is wanting a "Pinkalicious" party, based on her favorite book of the same name. And so, in whatever capacity we are able, she will have it.

    Really having a hoot seeing old faces on there and catching up with school days chums. And I'm also loving seeing current faces from my life showing up there. B, glad to see you on there finally. L, I can't believe I didn't know you were on there for so long. E, why aren't you on there yet? Even my mom has a FB page, for pete's sake!

    Still love it. Still funniest show ever. No other point, really, just that. Good stuff.

    That is all. Check back soon for a post of actual substance. I promise, there'll be one coming.

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