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    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Dane Cook Answers His Own Myspace Mail

    Speaking of "You don't even know" (which I used in my previous post, that's what reminded me of this), did I ever tell you I wrote to Dane Cook on myspace? Well, I did. He manages his own page, does a podcast reguarly there (the Danecast, I think it's called), etc. Generally if a celebrity's page is managed by someone else, it states it on there, or at least doesn't purport that it IS self-managed, and he's always been pretty forthright about handling his own page.

    Why, you ask, did I write to him? Well, Aimee was a HUGE Dane Cook fan. As in, not only did she want to bear his children, she wanted to have to practice for about five years with him before the kids came along. You get the drift. She had the big L-U-V for Dane. And he's a damn funny guy, and we both got a lot of laughs quoting him through the years, going back to the first time she ever called me and said "OH MY GOD -have you heard that new comic Dane Cook? He is so funny I almost peed myself!" We used his lines in our everyday conversations, and they became part of our friendship. So after she died, it felt weird to NOT tell him. So I did.


    Hi. Gosh, it seems really weird to write to tell you this; it's not like we know each other, and maybe you don't even handle this page on your own any more.

    My best friend is a HUGE fan of yours. Or was, rather. She died last week. Sorry, that was blunt. I'm not even sure how to explain it. She was fine, celebrated her and her husband's one year wedding anniversary on Labor Day. They had just found out they were expecting their first child, and we were so excited. She went into convulsions and died in their bed on Tuesday morning. No word yet on why or how, autopsy results are pending. We buried her last Saturday.

    It's the most awful thing I've ever been through. She was my best friend for more than ten years, and I guess I'm writing to tell you because you were a part of that friendship. I became a fan because of her, and we laughed about all of your great stuff. "You don't even know" was our own private joke, and we stole it from you and used it often. I will miss her so very much, and will miss laughing about Christ Chex, your description of going to the movies, and all the other things that you gave us to laugh about.

    She would have wanted you to know this happened, funny as that sounds. She really, really loved you.

    I then included links to her obit and her myspace page, so he would know I am not some nut making crap up.

    So if you ever have a day where you wonder if what you do matters, Dane. It's all funny and fun and a riot, but it matters. You were a part of something that meant more to me and to Aimee than I can ever explain. Thanks for reading. I hope you're blessed with a long, beautiful life.


    I sent it, not expecting a reply, and being OK with that. I had sent it, and knew that Aim would be pleased. Within a few minutes, actually, I got a notification that I had a new message...from Dane Cook.

    His reply:

    My prayers are with all of you. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am so glad I brought laughter to you and your friend's life.


    Dane Cook

    Very cool of him to reply*. I suspect that Aimee, at watching from the other side as Dane Cook looked at her mypace page, and obit pages and talked to me of her on email, may have, in fact, peed herself. I almost did when I saw it. But she would have dug it so much. And I will always be grateful to Dane for taking the time to care enough to reply and offer up prayers for us. He's good people, that Dane Cook. In that dirty, raunchy "who's-your-warden", sexy, funny way.

    *Uh, yeah. If you're one of those cynics who doesn't think ANY celebrity manages their own myspace page, and you think some intern named "chad" answered my email, good for you. Just keep it to yourself. I gave him an out to tell the truth if it was someone else, in my letter, and he didn't so we're going with it really having been Dane. So zip it if you disagree. Or I'll email Dane again. I'll do it. You don't even know.


    Deb said...

    Email him again and tell him there are scoffers!! You know they're out there.

    I love that response. Humble.

    Anonymous said...

    oh yeah, he does manage his own myspace and e-mail, he said that himself on several occasions, i remember.
    he says it here too:

    i'm sorry for your loss and i hope she is smilimg down now, you did a beautiful thing. and dane's very kind for responding.

    Anonymous said...

    yup, he says it here too...this one's really cute, with jessica alba.