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    Sunday, May 4, 2008

    Sweet, Sweet Sunday

    At the risk of copying my dear friend Deb, who had her own "awww" moment with The Ambassador tonight, I have to tell you about Samantha, who made my heart smile at bedtime, too.

    As I am tucking her in, talking about our day, which is part of our bedtime routine...

    S:'re so beautiful!

    M: Awwww, well thank you sweetie! So are you!

    S: Even when you don't have ANY makeup on, you're STILL SO beautiful!

    M: (choking up) Aww, baby, you're the sweetest girl ever, Momma loves you.

    S: You're the bestest mom ever. No one could ever be the bestest mom than you. When I grow up I'm gonna be the bestest mom just like you are. And I AM the bestest mom to my babies right now, and you're the bestest mom to me.

    I'm pretty sure that right then, she could have dumped ink on the carpet, said "ass" four times in a row, and brought a sucker to bed with her and I wouldn't have even blinked.

    So DEFINITELY a great end to my last day of being 34. The rest of the day was pretty OK too! I put on TWO different pairs of pants (one was actually shorts ) today, and they were both 12s...and they both fit. I am still wearing the shorts now. I even left the house in them. Me. Outside. In shorts. Shut the fuck up. I am not even kidding. No, seriously. I haven't worn EITHER pair of pants, if I recall correctly, since BEFORE we were married.

    Top that with the fact that I not only got ALL the laundry sorted and underway today (not done, but underway, which is in itself an accomplishment), but also got outside and finished barking the flower bed in back, finished the kids' play area (after Greg moved the WHOLE SWINGSET over there by, I am not kidding) and hopefully stopped the dogs from digging, and I feel pretty damn good about today!

    As long as I don't look in my kitchen at the mess I have to clean up before bedtime. Eccccchhhhhh. Oh, well, can't have everything, can we?


    Jill said...

    Awwww...what a sweetie! Yay on the size 12s and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Missives said...

    But I already KNOW you got the dishes done, too, so you are kicking off a flawless birthday from the sounds of things. You skinny little minx, you.

    You may want to warn Samantha that I am going to squeeeeeeze her when I see her. I can't WAIT!!!

    Solei said...

    ah! what a sweet babe you have.

    know what my lil' Monkey says? Make-up was invented to hide people's ugly. and I don't need too much she says, ha! Is that her way of telling me she loves me?

    Obviously your kid loves u more 'cause you don't need any at all! I'm jealous