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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Happy Friday!

    MUCH better day today. Feeling more like myself again. Samantha and I had a GNO last night, had haircuts and did some shopping, Daddy and Jackson had a BNO, and today is MUCH happier around here. I have TONS to do, a trip coming up, so I may be rather absent in the coming week or so, but things are good here at our house, the hormone surge seems to be over, and I have a gazillion things to do, so it's time to get doing them!

    I wish you all a happy, fun weekend! Stop back soon, I'll post pics of Samantha's haircut, some more spring stuff (hopefully), and more! Or, better yet, just subscribe if you haven't yet, and you'll get an email telling you that I've posted more stuff - and really, that's best for everyone, isn't it? AND, then you can pass it on and let someone else check me out. Cuz I KNOW you want to brag about my blog, right? Doesn't everyone?

    *This shameless, yet happy attempt to get you to pass on my blog is brought to you by Midol. Midol - give it to the woman you love during that special time, if you want her to love you. Or anyone. Or anything. Or if you'd like her to stop threatening to kill everyone in the tri-county area. But whatever you do, don't TELL her it's Midol, or she'll burn you alive at the stake.

    1 comment:

    Deb said...

    Because it is NOT PMS, so don't even suggest that.

    Glad you're back.