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    Friday, May 2, 2008

    MSN - Full of It?

    I think so.

    They said they had a revised schedule for our fabulous rebate checks, which stated that ALLLLL direct deposit payments would be issued BY Friday May 2. It is now Friday, May 2, and I have no shiny pretty rebate money in my online bank account. Nor do my friends with MUCH lower SSNs than mine. I am perplexed. Bemused. Underwhelmed. Pondering the possibilities, and coming up with only one: MSN didn't know what the frickin'-frack they were talking about. To support my theory, I checked the IRS website. THEY still show that I won't have my DD funds until as late as May 16. Well, hey, that's only TWO WEEKS difference, that's not much, right?

    MSN, bad form. Your statement was presented to be factual; not stated as conjecture, not a guess, or wishful thinking. You listed a revised schedule which you stated to be the newest information from the government regarding the delivery of monies which will bring much fun and happy la-la time to me and my family in the weeks to come.

    So why? Why the confusion, the lack of accuracy, dear readers? Seems to me they, perhaps, cut and pasted from someplace else, but didn't get all the info, or at least didn't C&P it all, and just made a good story instead. Seems to me they should maybe have waited to see if the IRS was going to update THEIR info online before they went around posting shit. Seems to me they were talking out their asses and filling people's heads full of bullshit. (Seems to me there's a lot of that goin' round these days...)

    MSN, you are creeping quickly over to my bad side. And no one wants to be there, do they. No, no they don't. So, now - someone at MSN needs to call someone at the IRS and let them know that the folks over at Cathy's Blog want our money, and we want it today!

    Disclaimer: I reserve the right to retract this statement if the money actually shows up today in our bank account. Until then, I'm leaning towards the "MSN can kiss my butt" mentality. Thank you.

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    Sarah said...

    Yeah, we didn't get our money either Cathy. I'm going with the "MSN can kiss my butt" - I'm betting it would've hit our accounts at midnight if it was going to. Oh well, now when it comes, it'll be a happy surprise when we open up our accounts and see the money sitting in there :)