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    Friday, April 4, 2008

    The Whole Grain Campaign: Inception BLOG

    I have been pondering this for months and months, and after a great talk with my good friend Peg last night, I am renewed in my passion to get this off the ground.

    The premise is simple. Whole grains are better for you. 100% whole grain products are proven to be leaps and bounds above any "enriched" products, and have significantly different impact on your health, your weight, and your well-being. Restaurants need to offer at least ONE whole grain alternative to white, enriched bread products.

    Making those choices at home is relatively simple. You stock your pantry, you make your meals, and you decide what you have available to you when it's time to eat. But when you are dining out, the good options often become nearly impossible to find when one desires a whole grain choice. While I understand that not everyone has this concern, there is a significant movement in our society where people are educating themselves about, and choosing to seek out, sources of whole grain in their diets. To have that option even when eating out would be a significant benefit to anyone for whom that is the case.

    A good example - last night we ate at Valentino's "Grand Italian Buffet". And grand it is. More food, and more variety than anyone could ask for. And five or six types of pasta. White pasta, all of it. I had none, knowing what white pasta does for me, which is exactly nothing good. But had their been just ONE whole grain option, I would have been ecstatic! Don't get rid of all the white pasta (although that really would be BEST), that's not what I'm suggesting - but offer one or two options that ARE whole grain. An exciting side effect of this - some people, who might not think to try it at home, might even try a whole grain pasta, (or bread stick, or pizza crust), and find they like it just fine! What a great opportunity for a restaurant to contribute positively to someone's health for once!

    So soon you will start seeing more on The Whole Grain Campaign (which I am stating now is copyrighted by ME, Cathy, and cannot be used without permission...don't make me call my lawyer, folks). Eventually I hope to approach the large chain restaurants and ask them to make a change for the better, but I'll need support and backing to help them see the importance of this campaign. And I'll be asking you to read, and to consider signing and passing it on. I'm not trying to take any one's white flour options away, I'd just like to see there be some whole grain options thrown in along the way. Thanks for reading!

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    Deb said...

    ITA. We rarely make pasta in our house, but when we do, I always use whole grain. You can't taste the difference, but the difference is VAST! Heck, even Kraft Mac&Cheese comes in a version with 50% whole grain now... Valentino's needs to get with the program.