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    Saturday, April 5, 2008

    Happy Anniversary to Us

    Five years ago, right now, we had just been married. We were probably in the receiving line by now, being congratulated by our loved ones...not thinking directly about, but knowing in our hearts, that this day would come. Our first "milestone" anniversary.

    I am so deeply blessed to have Greg has my husband, moreso with each passing day. I woke up to roses this morning, the most beautiful ever. They pale in comparison to how beautiful the bond is that we share, he and I.

    My gosh - these five years have brought so many changes to our life. Two precious children, a move to a wonderful city, a home of our own in that city (a humble home, but ours all the same), and for me, the opportunity to do that which I dreamt of but never believed would happen: the opportunity to raise my kids full-time. For that, I can never repay my dear husband. His hard work and sacrifices have made the last five years of our life the joy that it has been for us.

    Tonight we will celebrate together (thanks B, for watching the kids), and toast our love, our marriage, and our friendship.

    When were dating, we once shared a long, loving gaze, and for whatever reason, I could see my reflection in his eyes, and said to him "Hey - I can see myself in your eyes." He smiled, and replied "Maybe that's because you're in my soul."

    And so you are in mine, my love. And you still make my heart smile, and I hope I make yours smile, too. And there still will be no road too long.

    Even now, five years later, and ten years after we began, you are still the best man I know, Greg.

    And so I will share with you, dear readers, the vows we declared to each other five years ago...

    ...As we stand before God and our loved ones, I realize how blessed I am.
    I promise to spend my life in pursuit of your happiness.
    I will nourish our friendship and faithfully support you in all things.
    I will share your laughter and tears, and pray FOR you and WITH you.
    As time passes and our family grows, I will respect, love and honor you above all others.
    There will be no road too long, regardless of what our future brings.
    Nothing and no one will separate me from you--not time, tragedy, poverty nor sickness, and not even death.
    Because it is God’s will, I will cherish and follow the path He has chosen for us, today and always.

    I still mean every word.



    McBung said...

    Man...I'm gonna cry! And I was there for all this, and I didn't cry then, but now I really want to! LOL

    Love you guys! Happy Anniversary, have hope you had fun last night!

    Jill said...

    I hope your anniversary was wonderful honey! I can't wait to meet Greg!

    Deb said...

    "He smiled, and replied "Maybe that's because you're in my soul."

    I'm crying!! I already love that man, and I've never met him.

    Happy anniversary, my dear.

    Kae said...

    Beautiful vows and picture! I can't believe it's been so long. Seems like just yesterday - er at least last year.

    I believe you are in his soul and he in yours. You are both so blessed!

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Rayann said...

    Happy Anniversary!!!